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Hello and welcome to my little space on the internet! I’m Nicole and this site is my job, my hobby, and my passion!

Nicole Elliott

If you’d like to know the heart and purpose behind the site please read Why Confident Foundation

Confident Foundation began in 2008 as a way to keep my friends and family updated on our little family’s adventures as we were far from our home and roots in Wyoming as a Military Family. We especially wanted to keep them up to date on the antics and “Amberisms” of our oldest daughter who was born February 2008 and is my little carbon copy. She was joined in July 2010 by Tyler-our crazy little messy monster who is a bundle of energy.

As our family grew and expanded so did the blog, going through different names, designs, and goals. As I came across the rest of what the blogging world had to offer I decided to branch out and began writing about my many different passions and things that I was experiencing as a work from home mom to two who was moving on average once a year.

As a result over the past 8 years my columns of useful articles about Recipes, Around the Home,  Parenting, Travel, Beauty, Entertainment, and Living Healthy have grown! I continue to love writing, connecting, sharing, and learning!

Early this year I decided to expand the sites content and talent by bringing on a team of talented and beautiful women who are all my personal friends. Be sure to check out their About Me Posts Here:

Current Contributors:

About Me: Rebekah

About Me: Hannah

About Me: Brianne

About Me: Amber

Previous Contributors:

I hope you’ll pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage of choice–(mine is coffee or ice water with lemon!) and stay awhile! Be sure to leave some comment love too! Don’t be a silent stalker! 😉 Want to share something with just me? Feel free to send me a note at coastiewife321@gmail.com

If you’re with a company or a public relations firm you can find my current sponsored acceptance and rates here.

Thanks again for visiting my little corner of the world!




6 thoughts on “About Me”

  • I just found your blog via pinterest, a post you did on Kids & Moving. My kids & I just moved to Florida FROM Wyoming (we’re a military family as well) & I just wanted to say I like it. 🙂 We’ve been geographically separated from my husband for over a year, we see him about once a month- so my kids & I are hanging out in Florida all by our lonesome until my husband & our stuff gets here. It’s pretty crazy!

    • Hi Brandis!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello, I’m so happy you found me through Pinterest (my social medial love!) And wow-always awesome to meet another family from Wyoming–especially military! So you must have just moved from Cheyenne–I grew up in Rock Springs–directly across the bottom of the state from where you were 🙂 I’m so happy that you get to be reunited soon! Geographical separations are so hard! The longest we had to do was 7 months and it was terrible! :S Hang in there and visit again soon!

  • I happened to come across your site on Pinterest and just knew it would be like home. I’m also from RS, but I am an Army wife of 17 years . I love your little site, definitely caught my eye. 🙂

    • Yey for Pinterest! Always great to meet someone else from home–and that’s awesome that you’re a fellow milspouse 🙂 Thank you for your families service!

  • I just ran across your site on Pinterest (brought up your wreath). I just created a Navy board in honor of my youngest who will be joining the Navy this year 🙂 I was also partial to your pin because I am from Wyoming! I moved here at 16, not because of military, but because my parents moved here for work. After my son goes to BC and graduates, my husband and I will be moving back. Finally going home to Wyoming!

    • Thank your son for his (future) service! 🙂 I’m so glad you found the wreath–it’s such a great way to keep a memento of their old, ratty uniforms. I always love meeting a fellow “Wyoming-ite” I miss it so much but hope to get to go “home” again some day as well! Happy that you get to–enjoy it for me.

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