Because of the recent FTC rulings on needing to fully disclose freebies and gain from companies I’m posting this disclosure on here:

I am sponsored through Uprinting, Thomas Nelson, LitFuse, and Tyndalle publishing company, and more companies all the time. What this means is that they send me free products from time to time in order for me to provide you with reviews and giveaways.

Other companies who do not sponsor me also send me specific products to review. On certain occasions they may provide me with an additional thank you in the form of a gift certificate or money or an additional product.

Although I do receive these products for free you can depend on my unbiased opinion of any and all of the products and companies I talk about. I would only accept a sponsorship from a company that I fully believed in and supported. My stamp of approval cannot be bought at any cost. I will be careful to disclose any freebies I’ve received in each giveaway or review, either in the main content or at the end. If I talk about receiving or being sent an item it means I received it in exchange for the review.

My opinion in the end is my own. Obviously everyone has different opinions and experiences so just because I love or hate something it doesn’t guarantee you’ll have the same opinions or experience. I do try to keep this in mind while doing my reviews however, what my not work for me might be perfect for you!

In addition to product reviews I also do sponsored posts and advertising. Normally this will be a company reimbursing me for a text link in a post that I write. I only will do this for family friendly companies, and will keep the posts as useful and relevant as all my other writing.

So there we go….hopefully I’ve covered all the bases for the FTC and now I can get back to what I love best, blogging, giveaways, reviews, and yes….freebies!

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