It’s the little things…..

Sometimes the smallest things can make such a big difference in your day. Several weeks ago I found out that I had won some perfume from a survey I filled out for Allure. I was excited about it but figured it would be some tiny little bottle but it still made me happy at the time. Those who know me know I absolutely love perfume 😀 Well I finally got it in the mail on Sunday (ok so it came Saturday but that’s the day we checked it, lol) and I was so excited when I opened it up and it was Marc Jacob’s Daisy. It’s worth $50-60 depending on where ya buy it and smells sooooooooooooooo good!! And as you can tell it’s a good size also, lol. It completely made my day!!!!

Hurricanes and Heat

Life has definately been eventfull lately although I’m not sure if that’s been a good or a bad thing!!!! We weathered out our first hurricane last night although it turned out to be a tropical storm and we didn’t get hardly any rain at all. The wind was nasty nasty all night but it only resulted in a few small pine branches in the backyard this morning and no power outages. Now it looks like Ike will not be heading in our direction so we’re very thankful for all that. Bob is working today to help clear up all the mess the storm caused but if that’s the worse thing we have to deal with I think we’ll both be thankful!

Amber is sick for the first time ever poor baby! She had a fever of 101.6 earlier today and had a runny nose yesterday. She really hasn’t seemed to be all the worse for wear considering. She’s been very cranky and not sleeping well in general lately though. Guess we got the double whammy of her being sick and teething. I’ll be thankful when she’s her happy baby self again but considering I just read on a friends blog that her 22 months old twins are still teething and not sleeping through the night because of it :S Well I guess I might have a long road ahead of me 😉 Haha.

Bob found out that his last day in the military will be December 25th, not December 1st as we had thought so that has kind of thrown a wrench in a couple of things, but we’re hoping it won’t affect anything too badly. We’re both getting quite anxious to get started on this new adventure in our life as right now it feels as if we’re just waiting around for it to happen 🙂