Whew–it was an adventure but we have safely arrived in Wyoming 🙂 So far we’ve encountered numerous *firsts* for Amber. Thought I’d share some of them with ya 😀

*First Flight*

To those of you who prayed for me about my flight to here–THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God really answered your prayers because Amber was amazing considering the poor baby had to travel for over 14 hours in one day :S We left Morehead around 11:15, had a 4:45 minute flight out of Raliegh to Phoneix, an hour and a half layover there, and an hour and a half flight to SLC which got in at 11 pm (1 am “our” time) She only fussed the tiniest bit though and God just worked everything out so that we had no problems through security and had a whole row to ourself on the long flight and got next to some sweet old ladies on the second flight. Everyone was just gaga over Amber and she loved all the attention. In fact she waved for the very first time to a lady who was smiling and talking to her as I was checking my bags in Raliegh and continued to wave at everyone for the rest of the day–much to the delight of many. On the second trip she even had a very attractive guy a few rows back playing peek-a-boo with her. She is such a flirt!!!! She’s a smiley baby in general but when she sees a handsome guy–particularlly in uniform–she goes all gaga and bats her eyelashes and smiles and giggles, lol!! Gotta watch out for her 😉 No–they probably just remind her of her daddy 🙂

*First time in Wyoming*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So far Amber seems to love the West just as much as she should. She’s loved to see all the new sights and sounds and I’m having fun taking her all the places I grew up with and was a baby in.

*First Snow*

Yesterday it snowed! Really pretty fluffy not-very-cold, snow. 🙂 Amber was fascinated watching it fall and wasn’t quite sure what to make of it when she touched it.

Among the other firsts are the first time she got to meet her great grandparents on my dad’s side, first time she was around a dog (She laughed for an hour straight at Billy, my parents beagle–it was hillarious 😀 ) first time in the church I grew up in…..on and on. 🙂 We’ve been having a wonderful time so far and it is so nice to be back *home*! Now we just need my hubby to get out here and we’ll be all set!!!

Crazy crazy CRAZY

So the title pretty much describes life lately!! We just got back from a super quick trip down to Columbia SC to see my brother-in-law Bryan graduate from Army boot camp. We had a wonderful time seeing the Elliott’s again and are so proud of Bryan and excited for his career which should promise to be super exciting from the sounds of things 🙂

For her one of her souvenirs Grandma and Grandpa Elliott got Amber a “Pee all you can Pee” Camo outfit–LoL. 🙂 This is her in it making her “war face”

In other news today is my last day in NC!! I think I’m pretty much all packed up and ready to go 🙂 other than the “last minute” stuff. I’m excited but mostly just stressed out–so please be praying for me. Flying with the baby and having everything so up in the air–not to mention now Bob’s having second thoughts on whether or not he even wants to do this :S :S is really getting to me! Ack!!! But I’m trying to be calm and just know that God is in control *takes a deep breath* I’ll try to keep everyone posted as to what’s going on, I’ll have internet access at my parents house (I’ll be staying with them till Bob comes out the end of this month and then we’ll both be staying with them till we find a place in Laramie) Just keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this very crazy stressful period of our lives!!!! 🙂