My quirks

Jaimin said she tagged anyone who wanted to do this so I’ll say that’s me–haha. I’m supposed to write 6 of my quirks.

1. I like to lick Cool Ranch Doritos before I eat them. Bob thinks this is the absolutely most disgusting thing ever and goes around asking people to see if they think it’s normal that I do that.

2. Another weird eating thing–I love to crunch raw spaghetti and pretty much my favorite “snack” of all time is ice–especially the good little crunchy kind from restaurants. I’ve seriously gotten really mad at Bob for throwing his ice away when he knew I wanted to eat it–haha!

3. On of my eyelids is slightly lower than my other one. You can only notice it if you look but sometimes it shows up in pictures and looks really bad. I absolutely hate it and if I was ever to have plastic surgery to fix anything, it’d be that.

4. I like to brush my teeth using hot water and rinse with hot water

5. I wouldn’t have thought of this really as a quirk but Valerie put it as one of hers 🙂 I also absolutely hate talking on the phone most of the time!! Bob also makes fun of me because the first time I ever tried to order pizza the lady was rude and confusing and I got upset and my whole family started laughing at me so that’s pretty much traumatized me from wanting to order pizza ever again. One weird thing about this is one of my favorite jobs (the one I had in DC) was entirely based around calling ppl to set up meetings (I hated it then too) and I love talking to my mom on the phone–we talk for nearly an hour every day–but pretty much other than her and Bob I’d rather email, text, or talk to the person face to face.

6. My baby is only 8 months old and I seriously, literally, have at least a thousand photos of her. The funny thing about this too is as much as I’m obsessed with pictures is as much Bob isn’t. He think they should only be on rare “special” occasions and thinks I’m koo-koo for constantly taking, scrapping, ect. 🙂

I also tagg anyone who’d like to participate 🙂

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