Give Thanks with a grateful heart….

I’ve had that song stuck in my head all day but I guess it’s fitting since we should “Give thanks with a grateful heart to the holy one because He’s given Jesus Christ His son” After all that’s what we have to be most thankful for today! There are many, many other things as well though! We really are so blessed but it’s certainly easy to lose perspective of that. We had a nice little Thanksgiving just the three of us today. Bob is working right now 🙁 (Boo hiss to Wal*Mart who makes their new hires work w/o holiday pay) so we just stayed in Laramie and celebrated it with our own little family. I’m afraid Amber wasn’t too crazy about her first Thanksgiving because her second top tooth is making it’s grand appearance and she was pretty cranky and in pain for most of the day. She did like the mashed potatoes I let her try though 🙂 We had a nice time though, all things considered. I’m actually getting used to having just us on Thanksgiving because we actually haven’t gotten to spend Thanksgiving with family since before we got married. I’m excited about going to RS this weekend though, and since my Dad also had to work today (at least he got paid holiday pay, lol) they’re having their dinner on Saturday so I actually will get to eat with them–Yey! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! I’m thankful for all of you who find my “ramblings” interesting enough to actually come read 😉 😀

Here are some pics for you 🙂

Our Thanksgiving “Feast” compliments of mwah 😉

Amber’s First Thanksgiving!!

These next two aren’t from Thanksgiving but I uploaded them today and they were too cute not to post 🙂

So Amber keeps making this face lately and it’s the most hillarious thing EVER!!!!!!!! I crack up laughing every single time–she is such a ham!!!! You can tell by this pic that all she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth 😉

It’s so cute because she gives open mouth kisses now (when she wants to) if you ask. This is a picture of her giving her baby doll a “kissy” 🙂 She also gives her stuffed animals “lovings” now where she’ll put her head down on them and hug them–soooooo stinkin cute!!!!!!!!! 😀 I just love it!

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