It’s Official…..

Well there’s no going back now. Bob had his swearing in ceremony for the Coast Guard today and he is again officially government property until the year 2012. I’m sad I had to miss it, I didn’t get to see his initial swearing in ceremony when he first joined the Coast Guard either. Nate and Lara got to go to it though and took pictures so at least I will have those 🙂 I’m still having a hard time with it all but at least once we move we’ll have some stability and I’ll know what’s going on in my life!!

My crazy hubby…….

So for those of you who haven’t heard yet our lives has taken a drastic change of direction–yet again! Bob has decided to stay in the Coast Guard after all. After arriving in Laramie it looked like school would be too expensive and too hard on Bob since he would have had to work full time along with taking the classes. He absolutely hated his job in grocery at Wal*Mart and was just pretty miserable in general. He had applied for the law enforcement position but they told him that they would be hiring “sometime probably within the following year” Not good news when you’re running out of money in just a few weeks!! So after considering everything and calling his bosses up he decided that the best thing for us would be if he went back into the Coast Guard. In order to be able to still have a job with them though he had to go back immediately. So yesterday he left to drive to NC. He’ll be there till the middle to end of January when he’ll get orders for his new duty station and then we will move from Laramie to where ever they put us. Bob has absolutely no say in where we will be stationed because, as the detailer put it, “He’s getting his move out and back paid for–he better just be happy he has a job!!!” So he will probably end up on a cutter.

Of course I’m having a rather hard time with all of this. He will have to miss Amber’s first Christmas and I’m not even sure when we will get to see each other again. I was really loving being back in Wyoming and so close to my family and I love our new apartment!! (Minus the college neighbors) Plus I really do NOT want to move again in a month–Ugg! But I do want Bob to be doing something that makes him happy and I think now that he’s been out in the “real” world and saw how good he had it in the CG he will really enjoy it. So please just pray for us through all of this!!!! I really need it!! I’m planning on pretty much staying with my family for the remaining month that I am here. I’m very thankful that I will at least get to spend Christmas with them and not alone! And some good friends of ours who are in NC have invited Bob over for Christmas so he won’t be alone either so that’s good!

At least my life will never be boring!!! LoL. I just keep telling myself “At least it’s not the Army!!!!!!!”

Mother’s Day page & what’s new with us

Well now I’m only a couple of holidays behind–lol. I’m still trying to decide whether or not to put journaling on this page underneath the picture….so I thought I’d post it since I couldn’t make up my mind, lol.
Amber started crawling this week!!! She’s been getting around pretty well for awhile now by scooting and doing these flips and twists across the room but day before yesterday she started really truly crawling. It’s already getting her in trouble though. I was so excited because we have a fireplace to hang our stockings over this year and they looked way too cute!!! Well somehow Amber managed to get ahold of my stocking and started tugging at it which caused the stocking holder (an adorable very heavy duty ceramic snowman) to fall right on her head!!!! :S Oh no!! Of course she starts screaming bloody murder and since Bob and I had been right by her on the couch I had looked up just in time to see it hit her 🙁 Needless to stay I was pretty freaked out! She did get a pretty nasty bruise but it actually looked worse last night than it did today so I think she’ll be just fine. Now I’ve just got to keep her from pulling the tree down on top of her…..
So Bob has decided not to go to school after all. Once we got here and he started looking into things more in depth it looked like it would be a lot harder on us in several different ways than we had originally thought. He still has his application in with the Laramie PD but they made it sound like they won’t be hiring anyone for awhile and we stop getting income from the CG the end of this month. Bob has put his 2 weeks in at Wal*Mart because he absolutely hated it and it was making him miserable. So now the main option he’s looking into is joining the Army. Of course I’m not very happy about that option at all–to put things mildly–so please be praying for him and me as we (still) have to make some tough decisions.
Well I think that’s about it for us here. I’m just now getting over a nasty cold–I ended up catching one after all!! Amber was sick again this week too so no fun!! But I think we’re all on the mend now so that’s a good thing!