Friday I got to go snowboarding with my family. White Pine was hosting a home school days so we were able to get our tickets and rentals for half price. Normally I’m a skier, and I hadn’t even done that since before I got married! But everyone else was snowboarding and they were offering free lessons, so I figured I might as well try it out. I’d gone once before when I was a youngin’ but the friend I went with didn’t know how to do it either so I never got off the bunny hill and never figured out how to stop without crashing that day–lol!!

I had an AWESOME time!! Although I’m sooooo very sore still….ouch!! Allegra and Daniel got to come with us and Allegra had been once before like me and we ended up being right around the same skill level so we ended up going down runs all day. We even went up the “big girl lift” to the top 😉 We decided not to get lessons after all since after Dan went down with us a few times we pretty much had the hang of it. Hannah and her friend Cassie did decide to take lessons, however. So once when we were about to go down I saw them with their instructors so I went over to talk to them. When you go up the lift you have one boot hooked in but not the other one. I hadn’t snapped my other boot into my binding yet and I didn’t realize that I had gone too far so the part of the hill I was on was sloping down so much every time I tried to stand up to snap my boot in I slipped farther down the hill. One of Hannah’s instructors saw my dilemma and came over to help. Of course he was a really cute guy right around my age–we’d teased Hannah earlier about having a cute guy instructor. I’d just gotten done telling him that Allegra and I were the ones who decided not to have lessons. He’d replied “Ya, I saw two other names on the sheet and figured someone had gotten to advanced for us.” So there I am after saying I didn’t need lessons, and I can’t even get my boot in the stinking binding!!!!! He ended up having to hold my board down for me while I held onto his shoulders while I put my foot down. Of course this didn’t work so I had to try it twice. I was basically hugging the guy… embarrassing!!!!!!!! Hannah, of course, was watching all of this laughing hysterically….meanie!!

All in all it was great fun though. My mom stayed down in the lodge and babysat Amber for me–what a nice mom I have!!! It was so wonderful to be up there again. I just love skiing and now snowboarding and I’ve really missed it since I got married!!!!


For those of you who don’t know me that well–the title is “grr-ish-ness” drawn out and loud. LoL. So the military is being stupid AGAIN!!! Go figure right?! Sigh. Well the Coast Guard worked it out so we wouldn’t have to pay for the NC move and we had it set up to move the 3rd and 4th of Feb. well now the ppl who actually pay for the move say it’s a no go…..and we’re back to square one. *Pulls hair out while screaming*

To top things off Bob found the perfect place for us to stay in NC. 3 bed 1 bath adorable brick house for $100 less a month than our 2 bed condo there was. We’re in the process of applying for it against another person who applied for us. It sounds like they’re going to give it to us…but if we can’t move out there till who knows when then I doubt they’ll just hold it indefinately for us and will probably end up giving it to the other person. 🙁 This is just so frusterating and I haven’t gotten to see my hubby for almost 7 weeks and really just want to be with him again and want all of this to be over. So please pray for us….that it’ll all work out and I won’t tear all of my hair out or go gray before this is all over!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I just need to trust God…but times like these when everything seems to be going all wrong–again!–it’s hard! It wouldn’t even be that bad if it wasn’t such a roller coaster ride, one minute horrible news, the next good and you think everything is fine and dandy, then you’re back to the even worse news…..sigh………

An answer to prayer

Well we got some very good news today!!! We’re moving back to where we were stationed before in NC and the government is paying for it!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!! Thanks SO much to everyone who prayed about it. We appreciate it more than you’ll know and are sending thanks to a Master Chief Yeoman somewhere who pulled the strings for us! 😀 Guess the CG isn’t so bad after all 😉 I’m still really sad about leaving Wyoming…’s my one and only true “home” and always will be. But the relief of not paying will help soften the blow I think. Now Bob just needs to go set up the move and I think we’re planning on having him fly back so he can drive me and Amber out so I don’t have to go cross country with a baby all by myself! So thanks again and we’re just praising the Lord for His goodness and this huge answer to prayer!!! 😀

Please pray….

So….it’s becoming another one of those days or maybe weeks…. :S It all started when Bob’s grandma passed away last Saturday morning. She’s had terminal cancer for well over a year now so it wasn’t exactly surprising…but it’s never easy when it does happen. Thankfully she was a Christian so we can rejoice in the fact that she’s in Heaven and no longer suffering. Even though I only got to meet her a handful of times I could tell just from those brief moments with her what a special lady she was and I’m extremely saddened by her loss 🙁 Please keep Bob and all of his family in your prayers!!!

Also I would ask that you would be praying for my cousin, Jessica. She’s 3 months older than me and I’ve grown up with her my entire life. I can’t go into the details but she is just going through a horrible time in her life right now and my heart is just breaking for her. 🙁 She also has two little kids so please include them in your prayers too.

My brother Dan got into a wreck last night on his way to work. Thankfully he’s just fine but he messed up his brand new truck that he just bought in August to replace his Jeep that he had totalled :S

On top of all of this we’re having more Coast Guard drama (sound familiar Heidi??) Right now it sounds like they’re going to make us move back to where we were in Morehead NC but they’re going to make US pay for it!!!! :S We already had to go several thousands of dollars in debt for the move to Wyoming and I just don’t know how we’re possibly going to make it if we have to pay to move back. We’re kinda stuck too because Bob already re-enlisted and if they say that’s what we have to do, then that’s what we have to do. They are still working on a way so that we won’t have to do that so please pray that God would work something out for us!!!!