Month: February 2009

1 Year Old Pictures!! :D

1 Year Old Pictures!! :D

Amber’s one year old pictures are here!!! I decided to get them taken early because I won a $25 gift certificate at MOPs from the lady who did Bob and my wedding pictures. I think they turned out adorable 🙂 Now the hard part will […]

The Craziness Continues…….

The Craziness Continues…….

Bob’s been gone for over 2 months now and we still haven’t heard anything!!!!! He decided this week that he was sick and tired of them not doing anything and us continuing to be separated so he decided to take matters into his own hands. […]

Happy Birthday……..Party

Happy Birthday……..Party

Technically Amber won’t be turning one until February 15th. However, I hope to be gone out of Wyoming by then so we decided to throw her a party while we were still here. Because of how crazy everything’s been it ended up being a little last minute and so the two biggest families that we were planning on coming couldn’t because they’d decided previously to go snowboarding that day (apparently it was the thing to do that weekend). We still had a fairly good turnout and I think it went really well. My mom made an adorable cake for Amber and my Grandma’s church let us have the party there–it was already decorated so cute! So all we had to do were put up a few little things and it looked great. Amber loved all her new toys–and even the clothes! Every time she’d open up a package with clothes in it she’d immediately give them “loves” LoL. She is just too cute!!! It was the first day she’d really had anything sweet and she got her cake and ice cream aaaaaallllllll over!!!! It made for some adorable pictures!!

Since it’s been awhile since I’ve actually given an “Amber Update” I’ll go ahead and list what she’s up to these days.

  • She stood up for the first time on January 16th. Hannah was in unloading the dishwasher and we heard her yelling–Come look–she’s standing up!!!! Everyone rushed in and started exclaiming, which scared Amber and she promptly sat down and looked around like “What did I do wrong!!” LoL. Since then she’s trying to climb up and stand up using all sorts of things. She’ll be walking before I know it!!!

  • In the meantime she gets everywhere fast enough. I will turn my back for a second and when I look around she’ll across the house–I can’t believe how fast she can crawl. She wants to get into everything too of course.

  • She jabbers constantly and will repeat what you say fairly often. She says Momma for me pretty regularly and does say Dada but obviously since Bob’s not here I don’t think it’s referring to him yet. I think her first words are “This” and “That” she’s always pointing at stuff say “Dis” and “Dat“.

  • She’s always pointing at things and loves for you to pick her up and carry her around and show her everything and tell her what she’s pointing at. It’s nice to have 4 other sets of arms so I’m not constantly having to do it!!!

  • She pretends to be shy around ppl when she first sees them but she smiles at them while she hides her face on my shoulder and within a few minutes she’s completely comfortable and will go to just about anyone.

  • She loves to be the center of attention and if she’s not and there are a lot of ppl in the room talking and ignoring her she’ll shriek to make everyone look at her.

  • She loves to “sing” along and dance to music. She’s wiggles back and forth, head bobs, waves her arms around, and claps to it.

  • She waves bye-bye really well–but usually after the ppl are gone. LoL.

  • She can do sign language for “More Please” usually she leaves off the “please” part though!
  • She does a lot of other things too….but that’s probably enough for now 🙂 She’s is a little ham and constantly keeps us in stitches! 🙂