No more camping in a condo!!!!!

So after almost a month of living in an empty condo our stuff finally arrived last Saturday!!!! Hurray!! 😀 Now our condo looks like a hurricane hit it. :S LoL. Yesterday when Bob got into work they told him that he was headed up to Yorktown, VA for 2 weeks for a training class and he had to report by 10 that night. You’d think I’d be getting used to this by now but it still catches me off guard sometimes, lol. So my Coastie took off leaving me to unpack and try to entertain a toddler all by my lonesome. Oh well, what can you do right? Guess I might as well get used to it because looks like this is going to be my life for the next 16 years or so! As my Aunt put it “Suck it up, buttercup!” LoL! 😀

Thanks to my Mom and my Grandma Middlemas’s genes I’m a “FlyLady“. ( Which basically means that I keep stuff even when I shouldn’t. Kinda like a pack rat. These last few moves I’ve been getting a lot better at “flinging” stuff as we’re going through everything. It’s one thing to decide you’d like to keep something and stick it in a box in your basement and not see it again for 20 years, it’s quite another to look at something and ask yourself, “Now do I really want to pack and unpack this item every couple of years for the next 20 years?!” I’ve found that when you look at it that way, there’s a lot of pointless stuff I’ve been keeping!! One of these things I ran across that I have no idea why I’ve held onto is my first pair of flares that I ever bought when I was probably 14-15 years old. They’re a very little size 7(if you know what I mean by know how you can buy one size in one brand and it fits you completely different than the same size in a different brand?) The last time I fit into them was when I was probably at my skinniest the summer I was 18/19) For some reason I got the urge to try them on and guess what? They FIT!!! Granted, they’re quite snug and I sure don’t look the same in them as I did before, but I got those puppies on without even jumping!! LoL!! That made me feel GOOD! I’ve been losing weight ever since Amber was born but that was the moment that I was like–Hey, for having a baby a year ago I think I could actually be considered skinny! LoL. I’m still bound and determined to fix my eating habits and start an exercise routine once we get settled in here, but that made me feel good!!! 🙂

I’m back!!!!!!!!!!

Phew…..well we’re finally all done with the move and pretty much settled in. The Coast Guard called us at the last minute and let us know that they WERE going to pay to move our stuff after all–Praise the Lord!!!!!!! We still had to pack it all up and move it into storage but just yesterday the moving company picked up our stuff in Laramie and we should be getting it around next Tuesday–Woo Hoo 🙂 So for right now we’re just hanging out in a barren condo, lol. We spent two days once we got here looking all over for a place to live and ended up–right back in our old place!!!!!!! LoL, talk about ironic!! It was really the only nice place that was available in our price range and they had actually dropped the price $75 a month since they had obviously had a hard time getting someone in it after we left. So that was awesome for us 🙂 They also re-painted the yellow walls to a sea foam green….lol. Definitely an improvement but still uber beachy!! They also installed a new dishwasher (the old one died right before we left) so that’s great too 🙂 At first I was a little disappointed but I’m just thankful we’re able to get this place back and not have to take something more expensive that wasn’t as nice.

The trip out was quite the adventure. Amber pretty much cried the whole way :S So that made things quite rough!!!!! Now I know that she was getting a molar in at the time–yowch! But at the time I just thought she was really not liking the trip so the poor baby only got medicine one night for it. 🙁 🙁 🙁 Oh well….live and learn I suppose. We all survived so that’s the important thing 🙂

It’s been nice to be able to spend time with Nate and Lara again and another nice thing about moving back is I know where everything is!! LoL. We’re not sure how long we’ll be here for…could be anywhere from a few months to a year…..but we’ll just see how it goes!

Amber got her 1 year old appointment this Monday. She’s 26 lbs and 2’7″ tall. Which puts her in the 95th percentile in both categories–she’s just a big girl!! 🙂 She did really well but had to get 5 shots–poor thing!!!! She’s starting to stand up on her own a lot more often and says “Uh-Oh” and “Woof woof” for dogs and anything that resembles a dog–way too cute!!!

Well that’s a quick update on us…now that we have Internet again (HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!) I will try to be a little more regular with my updates! 😉