What’s in a name?

So for those of you who don’t have Facebook 😉 , I’ve decided to start up my own scrap-for-hire business!! Woo Hoo!!! I’d had several people (some joking, some not) tell me that I should scrapbook for people for money. I kind of brushed it off until I uploaded my pages on Facebook and got overwhelming good responses about them. I decided to play around with the idea of doing it for money and when I looked around online I discovered that people actually seem to make some pretty good money doing it. Most scrap-for-hire sites charge an average of $15 a PAGE!!! LoL. 😀 Good news for me!! 😀 The bummer is I have to buy commercial licenses for all the kits I want to use…and that’s really pricey…but I’ve decided at first to just have people pay for the kits and I’ll do the work for free. So anyways…I’m really super excited and hope it works out for me. 🙂

My biggest dilemma in all of this, however, is coming up with a suitable name. It seems every decent name has been taken by a photography studio, scrapbooking supply company, or a different s4h site!!! I came up with/had suggested at least 13 amazing names that were all taken!! I’ve been pulling my hair out the past couple days to come up with an original one. Finally when my creative juices got flowing I came up with too many creative ones…and now can’t pick between them!! Haha!! I’ve narrowed the choices down to either Sweet Pea Pages or Artistic Albums by Nicole. I really can’t decide which I like better!! But eventually I must choose…so I’ll keep you all updated with my progress of this newest adventure and if I ever am able to finally settle on a name!!!!!

Easter Weekend

We had an interesting Easter weekend. On Friday night we got the call that Bob’s Nanny (John’s mom) had just suffered a stroke and her body was shutting down. The next morning she passed away. As most of you know, his Grandma just passed away also, so you can imagine how hard this is for him and his family 🙁 We weren’t able to attend the funeral, which was last Monday, so that was really rough on Bob as well. Please keep his family in your prayers!!

Then on Saturday we had to bring Amber to the Urgent Care Clinic for a really nasty eczema flair up. It’s been getting progressively worse ever since we came back to NC and got so bad I knew I needed to take her in. It was bad enough that she needed oral steriods and benadryll. Thankfully she’s pretty much all cleared up now–YEY! Although I think the medicine is really wacking her out. She’s been a very fussy very cranky baby all week :S Plus she’s sleeping all day and waking up 4-6 times a night so needless to say I’ve been quite groggy this week!!!! I’ll be happy when she’s off the medicine and hopefully life will start getting back to normal!!!

Easter itself, however, was very nice 😀 Sunday morning we went to church with Lara and Nate. I think Amber really enjoys being in the nursery with Cadence! Nice to have a friendly face around, even if all they really do is steal each other’s toys…haha! Then we went over to the Dickson’s house for Easter lunch/dinner. They made some delicious lamb! Plus it almost caught the back yard on fire while the boys were at the store so that was fun and exciting!!!! 😀 😉

Amber really enjoyed her very first Easter basket! Last year my parents flew out on Easter and arrived at like 3 in the morning so we didn’t really get to celebrate it as Easter. After I gave Amber her basket we went and had a quick photo shoot…you can see my poor baby’s eczema on her legs 🙁 It’s getting SO much harder to take pictures of her these days!!! She wants to explore everything, not look at the camera and “smile pretty”. lol.

Amber got sent to be at 6:30 that night because she was so tired from missing her nap and wigged out on the medicine. So me and Bob just relaxed and listened to a message from Pastor Bishop. http://www.lbcforyou.com/ We miss our church in DC SOOOOOOO much!!!!! As much as Bob hated DC he keeps saying we need to move back just so we can go to church there again..lol! 🙂 But they do have most of their messages online to listen to so we’ve been doing that quite a bit lately!!!! 😀 Pastor Bishop is one of the most amazing preachers I’ve ever listened too!!!


Amber took her first steps today!!! She’s been taking a step here and there for about the past week but today when I was over at Lara’s visiting today she took about 4 steps all on her own!! My little girl is growing up so much it’s just crazy!! She’s really not a baby anymore!!! Of course when I grabbed my camera she wouldn’t do it again…but I’m sure she’ll be at it more and more now so I’ll keep it handy and try to grab some of her toddling on tape so I can show everyone!!