All sorts of not-so-nice things :S

This has just kind of been an all-around icky week. Poor Amber’s eczema started coming back in full-force only a little after she’d finished taking her medicine for it, so on Tuesday I took her in to get it looked at…again. As I mentioned in my previous post the oral steroids really wacked her out and it wasn’t much fun for any of us!! So I wanted to make sure it never got that bad again. This time we were able to get in and see a Dr. in pediatrics, which made me happy. I’d much rather go there than the urgent care clinic or the family clinic. I mean–pediatricians are the ones who are supposed to deal with babies, right?! Well the Dr. comes in and he’s this old, funny, kinda goofy guy. I tell him what’s been going on with her and then tell him that she just got off of oral steroids that they had her on for a week. He freaks out and tells me, “Listen to me very closely. I want you to promise me, never ever let them do that again!! Do you hear me? I’m serious!” and he was serious. He said she shouldn’t have been put on them and definitely not for a week. :S Oh dear… that then freaked me out. He then went on to tell me everything else I’ve been told up there was incorrect. Sigh. Gotta love military health care :S Although, to be fair, I think that this is kinda the case with healthcare in general!!! Anyways, the one thing he told me that did make me happy is he said that he was going to put in a referral for us to go see a dermatologist and get their opinion on her eczema since it might be linked to food allergies and it’s a moderate/severe case. Thank you!!! That’s definitely what I want! :) So I need to call next week and get all that set up. I did a little research of my own on eczema on WebMD and figured out why I was getting conflicting information…other than the steroid thing :S Although it was really, really bad–pretty much covering her whole body :( and it wasn’t until the end of the week when she was on the steroids that it finally cleared up. It had just started to come back when I went in last week, so if he had seen her before, he might have had a different opinion. Who knows? I will be more cautious in the future though!!!!!!!

After all of that shananigans, that night all three of us came down with a nasty cold bug :( We’re still all really sick…every night I keep hoping to wake up feeling better and each day I just get worse…ick. We don’t think it’s the piggy flu, lol, as none of us have had fevers. So that’s one praise about it right? So just keep us in your prayers and Amber’s eczema as well. It’s hard because you can’t tell her not to scratch it or it will make it worse :S

Another thing you can be praying for is my father and mother-in-law to find jobs :( The recession has hit them hard and Bob’s dad has been out of work for going on 2 months now. They are the sweetest, most generous people and it hurts to know they’re not finding anything. So please pray that God will provide something soon!!!! If you’ve read my previous posts you know that this year has been a very, very hard one on them already, without this on top of it!!

So anyways…..there’s my gloomy post. LoL! But God is good…and we know He’ll provide. My mother-in-law provided me with a quote recently she said has helped her during this time:

You’re born, and you die, and everything in between is just STUFF. :)

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