Amber’s vocabulary

I thought that once they hit a year old your baby was supposed to stop changing so drastically–guess that just meant look wise!!! It seems like everyday Amber’s learning, saying, or doing something new. Keeps me busy trying to keep up!!! I’m going to try to get a video of her saying all her words but you all know how that can go! :) So just in case I’ll just give you a quick update on what she’s babbling about these days:

Mamma and Dadda are of course still favorites, she likes saying Dadda much more than Momma though. She pretty much only says Momma if she’s upset and crying about something, lol, go figure!! But that might be because Momma’s with her all the time too. When Bob’s at work or away she goes around the house saying “Dadda….dadda…” and I have to explain he’s not here. When he walks in the door she shrieks in delight and goes “DADDA!!!” it’s so cute!

Uh-oh is still one of the most frequent words and she gets into enough trouble to use it all the time!

Woof woof–still uses this for dogs and most other animals, but as you’ll see she is branching out now :)

Ball–this of course, is for her toy balls, lol

Cak-Cak– (quack quack) For ducks and any kind of bird. She especially likes the Cak-caks at our pond

Maow–(meow) for cat–but instead of an e sound she makes an a sound–sooo cute!

Hiiiiii–She tells me hi about 50 million times a day, basically every time she looks at you and you look at her she says it-lol! But it’s super cute :) She really drags the i sound in it out..funny girl :)

Cup–just got this one in the past few days and was so proud of herself when she did. 😀 I was so proud of her because today when she was thirsty she went to the fridge, made the sign for milk, and said Cup. What a smart little girl I have!!!!!!

Howdoin?– For “how are you doing?” she just says this when she’s pretending to talk on the phone. She’ll say “Hiiiii howdoin” I’m pretty sure she has no idea what it means, she just hears me say it! LoL!

Yeth!–for yes. She was a bit confused about what shaking her head no meant–she tried to use it for no AND yes. LoL. So we’ve been working on saying yes when she means yes :) I’ll say it, then she gets all excited and shouts YETH! back at me, lol! :) We have fun!!!!!

She still points at everything and says “Dis” and “Dat” too :) those are pretty much her go to words for things she doesn’t know how to say yet :)

Bee-bow–for belly button–Haha! She discovered it recently and now constantly pulls up her shirt, dress–whatever she’s wearing at the time to show it off and say “bee-bow” this is adorable…except when she does it in front of everyone at church :S lol! She let me know my shirt was a little too short the other day too when I was trying to get something over my head and I hear her saying “Bee-bow! Bee-bow” and pointing at my stomach. Haha!!!! She can also show me where her ears and nose are if I ask her and is getting pretty consistent about showing me her mouth and eyes :)

She’s very expressive when she babbles and talks with her hands all the time (she’s not her momma’s baby at all! 😉 ) She loves to “read” to herself now and with jabber as she flips through the books and points at all the pictures. When she comes across something (like a dog or a cat or bird) she does know she gets all excited and says that word. :)

Ok so my short update just turned into a novel….I TOLD you she was doing a ton of new stuff!! :)

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    Such a fun age! I was so excited when Ethan learned to talk, now I wish he would stop! Haha he talks NON-STOP from the time he wakes up til the time he goes to bed. He’s definitely my child.

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