A New Direction

As you might have noticed the content of my blog has changed up the past few months, and especially in the past few weeks. What started out as a family blog filled with Amber updates and my ramblings is turning into something much bigger.

At first I was debating whether to leave this blog as it always had been and start a new blog for my sponsored reviews and giveaways. I came to the decision that I’d just like to include everything in this blog. That way there is a variety of interesting topics and things for everyone. 🙂 With the added traffic that giveaways will bring I feel the need to step it up a notch in my content. This means more interesting ramblings about my family, along with other things that I think you might all be interested in such as recipes, digital scrapping tips and tricks, frugal living, and anything else I might be interested in at the moment.

I hope this change will be a fun and exciting one for everyone and that no one is disappointed by my decision or feels like I’m “selling out”.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m extremely opinionated and that I love sharing my opinions with, well, basically anyone who will listen. When I discovered that several companies allow bloggers to review their products and do just that I got so excited, talk about a perfect job for me!!! I promise to always be honest and only review products by companies that I feel comfortable with representing.

I also have decided to host giveaways. I’ve had such good luck with them and enjoy them so much I want a chance to spread the love!! And I honestly get as excited when I find out about one of my friends winning as I do when I win one 😀 So please join in my giveaways and bring along your friends! I promise there’s no hidden catches and you won’t wind up with a time share in Bocca 😉

My current sponsors are Uprinting and Thomas Nelson. I was lucky enough to win several Uprinting giveaways before they started sponsoring me and I have nothing but the best of things to say about them. The quality of their work is amazing and I’m so honored to be able to have them sponsor my blog and have me host giveaways for them. Be on the lookout for several awesome giveaways from them, including the one I’m hosting right now!! I’ll be doing reviews for Thomas Nelson. Right now I have a copy of Green by Ted Dekker on the way and I’m so excited to read and review it! I’ve already read the rest of the Circle Trilogy and it was amazing so I can’t wait to read the final book which is the prequel.

Phew!! I know that was a long one, but I just wanted to let you all know what was going on and what to be on the lookout for from me in the future! 🙂 Hope you’re as excited as I am about everything!!!!

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