Much More Love….

As long as I keep winning, I’m going to keep sharing love 😀 Here’s my latest treasures:

My torso is quite short so it also doubles for me as a tube top 🙂 My hubby is one of those dreadfully honest people and he’d been telling me I needed to get something like this so I was so excited when I won!
What would you do for a klondike bar? I said I would give Bob’s ex girlfriend a hug…(trust me, that’s saying a lot!!!!)

Apparently it was good “karma” because I won 🙂

Major love going out to this next win!!! I won this 8×10 on Twitter from @Mslori411 her Etsy shop Photos by Lori H is full of gorgeous pictures like this one, go check it out here! They’re all super reasonably priced too, I can’t wait to get a frame for this and put it up in Amber’s nursery!!
I’m not much of a Halloween person and because of that we have several Fall decorations but no Halloween ones. These two things, however, are sooooo stinking cute!!! Thanks so much to Reflections By Kathy for the giveaway. My kitchen is 10 times cuter now!
Isn’t she beautiful?! Every time I look at her I wonder what happened to my little baby and when on earth she turned into a little girl!
But enough of that mommy’s pride stuff 🙂 You see more than adorable flower in her hair that’s making her look way too cute and grown up? It’s another one of my Twitter wins from Little Diva’s Tutus. Seriously, how much cuter can it get?! Here’s two other hair accessories from them. If you haven’t checked them out yet you need to. If you have Twitter be sure to look them up too! @LittleDivaTutus

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