12 Days of Christmas Commenting!

(AKA because (blog) stalking is great fun)

It’s almost that time of year to start thinking about Christmas. I’ve already started some of my Christmas shopping! I know not everyone has as easy of a time getting into “the spirit” as I do though, so for those of you Kirsten and I want to help you get in that mood so I am hosting a 12 Days of Christmas Comment Giveaway, in that you will be commenting for 12 Days and the Top Commenter will receive a:

Holly Holiday Plug-In and Christmas Tree Scent Bar!!!!

Completely awesome right?! Be sure to drop by and tell Kirsten thank you for this great giveaway at either Scents Appeal and/or Kirsten NOT Kristen. It’s just the nice thing to do!

Now for the rules! (yes, even in “fun” giveaways there has got to be a couple!)

Commenting will start on October 20th and end October 31st at 10 p.m. EST

In order to win you must either follow me through google friend connect and/or subscribe to me via my feed (Ramblings Just For You) you can find both in my left sidebar.

This giveaway is open to the US and Non Scentsy Representatives.

The winner will be determined by my Top Commentor widget (you can see it in the middle of the left sidebar)

So basically, it means the person with the most comments on my blog wins!

Comments must be at least a full sentence (unless you’re entering a giveaway, I’ll let it slide there 😉 )

Please keep the comments at least somewhat related to the post you’re commenting on, me, or a comment from someone else on the same post. I have over 100 posts so you really shouldn’t run out of stuff to comment about!

If, however, you do feel the need for some “easy” comments you can Tweet, post, blog, etc. unlimited times!!!!! and get an entry for each time you do! Please leave me the links, follow me, etc. And please space telling your friends on FB and Twitter out at least an hour apart, it’s just the nice thing to do!!! (no time limit on your comments on here though, do a billion an hour if you’d like!) I’ll even make it easier by giving you this to copy/paste:

Great Christmas #SCENTSY giveaway going on right now @coastiewife321 http://tinyurl.com/ylns8w7 Begins 10/20 Ends 10/31 Plz RT! #giveaway

If you’re posting on facebook just change @coastiewife to @Nicole Elliott (after you add me as a friend)

Ok folks, I think that’s it! Go grab your favorite hot/cold beverage, scroll on back to the beginning of my archives, get to know me a little better….

and may the most obsessive-compulsive stalker friend I have biggest lover of me, my blog, and Scentsy WIN!

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