My Latest Goodies

Here’s my latest batch of presents!
Kusmi Detox Tea, very fancy-pants and quite tasty!!! From Energizer Bunny Mommy Reports
The book Bo’s Cafe from Frugal Creativity (I think I need to start waking up early, I have 8 books I currently need to read (not counting the ones I do for devos!) Ack!)
Famous Dave’s Self Tanner from Guessing All The Way (maybe these white legs won’t be so white anymore!)
Awesome Nature Valley Kit (nut clusters, stainless steel water bottle, binoculars, flash light, back pack) from One Day, One Dollar at a Time
Bet you’ll never guess where I got this gorgeous flower clip!!! If you said Little Diva Tutus, you’re right! She was so sweet and sent me this for posting my earlier reviews of her fabulous hair stuff! (so do I get another for posting this review? Tee Hee! Totally kidding!) The more I find out about her and her website the more I love! She has several special tutus that she donates part of the tutu and an additional tutu to St. Judes. How great is that? I also want to let you know that she has a blog and is currently running two “You Name It, You Win It” Contests!
Orglamix mineral eye shadow from My Four Monkeys Seriously was impressed with this one!!! When I opened up the package I poured out the contents and above is what I found. A card addressed to me, congratulating me on my win, rose petals that were sprayed with some kind of amazing perfume, and my eye shadow in that adorable bag! No wonder she has a 100% postive reviews from hundreds of people in her Etsy shop! (Hint for all your small business/direct sales laldies out there, little touches make BIG impressions!!!!) As for the eye shadow itself I heart it!!!
Dove Nutrium Moisture Body Wash from Heck of a Bunch (and you can’t tell it here but this is huge!)
A Toddler Interpretor Pack from the Let’s Party Moms Twitter Party hosted by A Giveaway Every Day and The Bragging Mommy. As you know I love baby sign language but only had taught Amber a few things since I never had a book on it. This has a ton of signs and I can’t wait to teach her new stuff!
Susan Marlow Book and Lapbook from The Gaerte Gang. I make a point of only entering giveaways that I could use if I won right now! As in I don’t enter any giveaways for crib bedding or trikes. I figure I should let people who can use that right now win, it’s just the nice, and ethical thing to do in my mind. I made an exception with this giveaway because I thought the book looked cute enough that I would enjoy reading it, don’t laugh! I love kids books! And then I’ll keep the laptop for when Amber is old enough 🙂 Free homeschool curiculum, woot!
I was also lucky enough to win a custom logo/watermark from Jana at JES Graphics. How cute is that?! I’ve been needing something to use as a watermark but was at a loss to what I wanted to use. This is absolutely perfect! Be sure to give her a holler if you need anything for your business! You can also check out her blog, which is where I won!

Remember the huge awesome over at It’s So Very Cheri I kept blogging about? Well all that blogging paid off! I won a fabulous blog makeover from Southern Girl Blog Designs . Since I had just spent hours of time on this blog’s layout I decided that this would be perfect for my Artistic Albums By Nicole blog! She did a wonderful job!!! Go check it out! And if you’re not my follower over there, I would heart it if you’d become one 😉

Phew!!!! Soooo much great stuff right?! 😀 If you’d like a chance to win some fabulousness too be sure to enter all the great giveaways I have going on right now!!!

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