Will Work For Tutus….

Or hairbows, candles, bath stuff,  perfume, jewelry, baby clothes, or basically anything you might have/sell!!!

Recently the oh-so-sweet owner of Cutie Pa Tutus (ever, seriously!!) contacted me wondering if we could do a barter. One of her gorgeous tutus for a blog design. I immediately said of course! Especially considering I’d just won this tutu from her during a Twitter contest.

It’s called The Amber and guess what?! It’s named after my Amber because I designed it! She recently also had a tutu design contest. I didn’t win (although I don’t know why as you can see this tutu is the cutest ever! LoL, just kidding!) But I was still able to win it so yey!!!!!!
For the design I picked out this gorgeous tutu…I’m so in love with it!!!!! You should really go visit her site, these tiny pictures really don’t do these any justice and even the big pictures don’t give the tutus any justice. They are super high quality, fluffy, and just darling!!!!!

Since I felt like I was getting 2 tutus for my work I really wanted to make her something special. I didn’t have any kits that were tutu themed (lol) or that fit her websites color scheme. So I decided to custom make her some papers! 🙂 I’m very pleased with the final product and she was thrilled (which made me so happy, she’s a web designer and I get so nervous when I design for other designers, lol!)

Please go visit her blog and follow her and show her lots of love!!! She’s really the best! You can get there by clicking her button (not designed by me, this was so cute already I just nabbed and linked it, lol!)


Be sure to go visit her website as well! She not only sells tutus she also sells darling super hero masks and capes! Perfect for the little girls in your life and little boys as well! Jessica Alba’s daughter Honor was spotted wearing one of her capes!!! How cool is that?! 🙂

And if you have something you’d like to barter for a blog design, business card, or anything else I make just ask! I’d love to work out a deal!!!

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