Apples of Gold *Review*

5 Earrings, 3 rings, a watch.
These are the pieces of jewelry that I wear every single day. Usually a necklace, bracelet, anklet, or toe ring is also thrown into the mix. I do this even when the only person who will see me all day is Amber. Why do I wear jewelry constantly? That’s easy!
It’s because I love jewelry, I adore it. If I forget to put in my earrings or put my rings on I literally feel naked. I know that sounds really silly, but it’s true. It bugs me until I get back home.
When most girls go to the mall they gravitate towards clothes, Bath and Body Works, or shoes. Not me, I head straight to the fine jewelry stores. I could spend hours pouring over wedding rings even though I already have mine!!! Some day I’m hoping to get a wedding band like this gorgeous one from Apples of Gold  for either side of my princess cut cut solitaire:
I don’t just pour over fine jewelry in the mall though, I love looking at it online as well! So I was so excited when I discovered Apples of Gold. The first time I visited the site I must have spent over an hour oogling all their gorgeous jewelry! They’re not your ordinary online jewelry store though. What I think really sets them apart is their stunning selection of black and blue diamonds.
Just look at those two pieces….*swoon* I think I’m in love!
The thing I’ve always envied most about rich people was their ability to purchase stunning pieces of jewelry. As it is I will need to get these pieces one at a time, over many years. But you can bet if I woke up tomorrow with a few thousand to blow this Deep Green Tahitian South Sea Pearl Necklace would be one of the first things I would buy!
Above all other pieces of jewelry though, I adore earrings. Apples of Gold has a great selection of those as well! These are definitely two of my favorites!
Apples of Gold has a huge selection where everyone is sure to find something to please. So head on over there today, even if like me you’ll mostly be window shopping. You just might end up with a few new things to add to your Christmas List!
*Apples of Gold will be sending me a pair of silver earrings as a thank you for this post which was originally intended for their contest. I will be doing a separate review of the earrings and they in no shape or form affected this review.*
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