Skin MD *Review*

As many of you know Amber suffers from eczema. She had a really terrible time with it last Spring, as you can see in the picture below
After trips to 6 different drs., rounds of steroids, creams, grease, and medicine we finally were able to get her back to normal, weed through all the conflicting advice, and figure out a system that works for her skin.
Because it’s getting to be winter time she’s starting to break out again and I’m always on the lookout for something new to try to help keep her skin baby soft the way it’s supposed to be! That’s why I was so excited to get to try out Skin MD.
The texture surprised me at first as I’m used to thick greasy lotions when it comes to eczema control. Skin MD is thin and almost watery. It was a nice difference though and absorbed into Amber’s skin extremely quickly without leaving a greasy feeling.
I’m disappointed to say that it didn’t work for her, however. I used it on her skin for three days and by the second day she started flaring up really bad, even with the use of medicated lotions on the flair ups. At first I thought it was maybe a coincidence but when I switched back to her normal eczema lotion she immediately started to clear up.
I think Skin MD would be great for anyone with dry skin or sensitive skin, especially adults with these conditions. I’ll be using the remainder of the bottle for my skin or to supplement Amber’s normal lotion.
I would not recommend Skin MD for anyone with a toddler or baby with eczema. Even though it says it can be used for eczema it didn’t work for us at all. I will mention though that Amber has extremely sensitive skin and I have to use really heavy duty stuff to keep her from breaking out.
They also have a Skin MD with sunscreen that would be the perfect thing to use before skiing or going to the beach or any outside activity that you need protection and moisture!
Thanks so much to Skin MD for giving me the chance to review their product!
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    Whata bummer that it didn’t work out for her :( You may want to try Cortizone 10 when she’s a bit older. I think it’s a 2 and up cream but works well for me. I’m starting to break out again on my one leg…winter always does that.

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