Never Fear….

I’m still here!
Sorry I’ve been slightly MIA this week. I promise I’ll choose the winner of the Usborne book giveaway tonight along with the custom poster!
Things have been slighty cRazY around here! And I also haven’t been feeling well :S so that’s made the blogging be put on hold a little bit!
That’s also why I have rocked out in grand lip syncing fashion yet! My poor nauseous belly can’t really handle bouncing up and down at the moment! I promise that it’s coming soon though! As soon as I feel up to it I will video tape and post! In the meantime vote vote and vote some more! (well, you can only vote once, but make sure you do and spread the news!) I haven’t gotten very many votes for which song I should lip sycn to yet so get to it! I’ll also be making an important announcement in the video, so be sure to watch!!!
That’s all for now. Sorry for such a short and lame-o post….but trust me, it’ll be worth it!
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