Shaklee Foundation *Review*

As you all are well aware of by now, I’m a makeup junkie 🙂
What can I say, I love the stuff!
And while eye shadow, blush, and mascara and undeniably the most fun parts of makeup the most important has to be my foundation. I’ve worn it since I was young to help even out my skin tone and occasional blemishes.
Before this I’d never heard of Shaklee and was intrigued when I first went to Dawn’s website Living 4 Greener Health. Although Shaklee offers a incredibly wide range of products from cleaning supplies to nutritional supplements what interested me the most was their makeup (go figure right?)
Dawn was kind enough to send me their liquid foundation and a small cleaner (which got lost somewhere in my whirlwind of a house…yikes!) to try.
At $28 their foundation is quite a bit pricier than the Wal*Mart brands I’m used to buying. I was very pleased when it arrived and was twice the size of the foundation container I’d been using though, so you do get a good amount for your money.
The quality is wonderful as well! Even though it’s oil based, which I normally dislike, it didn’t feel greasy at all on my skin. I can’t feel it at all when it’s on (which is a must) and it spreads easily and stays put all day long. Also the oil didn’t cause my super blemish prone preggo skin to break out, which I was very impressed with. On top of all of that is the added benefit of knowing that it doesn’t have any nasty chemicals I don’t want on my face!! The only problem I had with it at all was that I have to shake it up to mix it before applying it each day because it separates. Not a big deal compared with everything else though.
I was very impressed with Shaklee and plan on purchasing products from them in the future!

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