Shi Shu Baby Blanket *Review*

When I stayed at my brother’s house in August I absolutely fell in love with the sheets that were on my bed. They felt like flannel sheets, but without the stick-to-you sweat inducing feeling, and they were much softer. I was surprised to find out that they were bamboo! I had no idea it was used to make sheets and blankets. I love it though and a set for our bed is at the top of my wish list!
So when I found out about Shi Shu Style and their line of baby blankets I just knew I had to have one! I was sent the Shi Shu Celedon blanket. It was the very first present I received for baby number two!! It’s incredibly soft and warm, and I can just imagine wrapping up my sweet little baby in it to bring them home!! Amber has a favorite blankie that she sleeps with every night, and it’s quite easy to believe that this will become our newest bundle of joys staple blankie as well!
The quality and softness is amazing and this would make an amazing present for anyone you know that’s expecting a new little bundle of joy!

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  1. I have never experienced bamboo sheets… yet! I think this may be on my birthday wish list next month. They sounds divine!

    Thanks for visiting my little corner of the blogosphere! I love your blog and will be following!


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