Chunky Bling Swarovski Ring *Giveaway and Review*

***This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Heather who won***
As you all are well aware of by now, I’m a jewelry nut! So when contacted me about doing a review and giveaway I said “Of course!”
I was sent a Swarovski Pearl ring to review. One of the only things I wasn’t crazy about on the website was that there were no pictures of the jewelry actually on a person’s hand, so it was hard to gage just how “chunky” it was by looking at it. So here’s a picture of me sporting my new ring!
Although I am a fan of chunky jewelry the ring is just a teeny tiny bit too big in my personal opinion for my tastes. I’m more of someone who goes for really oversized necklaces and earrings instead. (they have adorable necklaces and bracelets on their website!!) Part of the problem was probably that I ordered a size too big, I’m normally a 7ish in ring size so I ordered the 7-8 which ended up only fitting my thumb, so I would recommend going with the smaller of the sizes if you’re on the fence about what size to get. All in all I really do love this ring though! It’s very pretty and the quality is amazing–especially considering the price! All of their jewelry is extremely reasonably priced, which always wins brownie points with me!!! 😉
They also have some absolutely gorgeous Swarovski Crystal rings! I had a really hard time choosing between the pearl ring and the crystal one!
I have some awesome news for all my gals who love chunky bling and can pull it off flawlessly (I know there are tons of you out there!!!)
One lucky reader will win their choice of any Swarovski Ring!!!
For those of you that just can’t bear to wait to get some gorgeous jewelry I have a perk just for my readers! If you use the coupon code (NICOL434) that you can get 15 Percent OFF any jewelry on their website. This coupon will be good through Apr 19, 2010.
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Name That Bling is a weekly contest where participants help Chunky Bling come up with fun and creative names for their new jewelry designs. Winning names are featured on their website and the the person who submitted that name wins a FREE watch of their choice.

Just to visit their site, submit their name, then return to here to my blog and post your jewelry name as the first entry in the giveaway. Not only is it fun it gives you another chance to win some FREE jewelry!

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I will choose the winner via contact them via email and post them on this blog. They have 48 hours to claim their win before a new winner is chosen.
Good Luck!!

Week 23 Update

When I found out at my OB appointment today that I’ve gained 16 lbs overall already I knew it was time to crack down! Yes sir, no more tuxedo brownies, seconds, or late night snacks! Even if I got ravenous I would remind myself that I want to be able to lose this weight and then some after the baby comes, and quickly!
Yepp…I was ready!!!
then hubby brought me home this as a treat…
and…well…hey you’re only pregnant a few times right?!
I’d write more but I’m off to dive into sweet carmel chocolately goodness…
P.S. Ice Cream is a good source of calcium and dark chocolate is good for you pregnancy magazine said so
P.P.S. Baby Boy likes it, he started wiggling as soon as it hit my tummy

You know you’re the parent of a 2 year old….

When you walk into your bathroom and find this….
To be fair, she had brought it into the front room for me to tear off some for her to wipe her nose with. I told her to “put it back”. So….technically she obeyed since that is where it’s supposed to go eventually?? Just not all at once…hmmm…
P.S. I really do clean my toliet! The water here right on the coast is N A S T Y and leave gross hard water deposits that will not go away no matter how much cleaner, bleach, and scrubbing I do.
P.P.S. Yes…the bathrooms walls are *bright* tangerine. It burns your retinas when you walk in and turn the light on, not even joking. Ah the joys of renting.
P.P.P.S. The black thing is a twist tie. No explanation for you on that one…

Tuesday’s Tunes ~ Health Care Style

I’ve always loved this song by John Reuben. His whole Boy vs. The Cynic cd is amazing lyrically.
So much good, deep stuff in it!!!! I thought this really applied considering what our governements been up to lately.
Follow Your Leader
They’ve got me pinned against the wall

It’s political and predictable
Anything you say will be exaggerated and completely blown out of proportion
Ignore them if you can but I doubt you will
They’re out to control how people feel by pushing their agenda on your sub-conscience
While you’re unaware they start the brainwashing process
Time to call out the unwilling
The ones who need to be cut deep in order to have feeling
You’re not used to facing opposition
You’ve done all the talking now it’s time to listen
I understand you want to make a difference
Well you can start by sticking to your own business
You’re an entertaining man trying to be a politician
Stop abusing your position
Follow him follow them follow me follow you follow who
Follow your leader
Do you even know what you’re buying into
Before you follow your leader
It’s the blind leading the blind
Don’t be so eager to follow your leader
Know the truth before you try and turn me into a believer
And make me follow your leader
Conservative uptight right wing republican
Last time I checked I was none of them
But that’s the brush you want to paint me with taint me with
Some aim to please but you aim and miss
ADD maybe, but I can’t tune you out
I would change the station but your signal’s too loud
And you’re too proud to realize you’re a moron
Defend what you want whether it’s right or wrong
And this applies to both sides of the equation
Arrogant men in power sure are frustrating
On a pedestal you hear them ranting and raving
Proudly proclaiming what they know nothing about
I hear you talking loud but I will not allow
Tinsel Town to show me how to run my life
Sure you can sing and dance
But that don’t mean that you’re qualified to give America advice
There’s a snake bite in America’s skin from predators looking for causes to sink their teeth in
There’s a snake bite in the church’s skin from predators looking for causes to sink their teeth in
There’s a snake bite in the media’s skin from predators looking for causes to sink their teeth in
There’s a snake bite in the youth of America’s skin

Songbird Under a German Moon by Tricia Goyer *Review*

My very favorite genre to read is Christian Romance Historical Fiction. I just love it! So when I found out I had the chance to get sent a copy of Songbird Under A German Moon to review I was super excited! I was even more excited when I got the opportunity to interview the author, Tricia Goyer! Here’s my interview with her, and then I’ll tell you about her wonderful book!
1. What inspired you to write Songbird Under a German Moon?
I came up with idea when Susan, an amazing author from Summerside asked me if I’d be interested in writing a retro, historical novel. The first idea that popped into my mind was a story I’ve been wanting to write for a while about USO singers. Ever since I started researching WWII I wanted to write about the entertainers who risked their lives to bring a little joy to the soldiers. I knew I wanted it to be in Germany after the end of the war. Songbird Under a German Moon came to mind, and the title stuck.
2. What is your favorite book that you have written?
 I can’t say I have a favorite book. That would be like having a favorite child! LOL. I cried more when I was writing Night Song than any other book. It was a moving experience to write about children in WWII.
3. What authors do you admire and read?
Oh, there are so many! I love Francine Rivers, Robin Jones Gunn, Susan May Warren, Robin Lee Hatcher, Bodie Thoene, Marlo Schalesky to name a few!
4. My sister is very interested in pursuing writing as a career. What advice would you give to her as a high school student?
First, join an online writing group. If she’s interested in fiction I highly recommend … they have online classes, an email loop and a conference. Which is my second recommendation. Attend a writers conference! I HIGHLY recommend Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference. And ACFW’s conference, too. The teaching, connection with other authors, and face time with editors can’t be beat! Finally, read LOTS of books about writing. Her local library should be full of them. Or on-line writing blogs! Tons of great info!
5. What one thing would you like your readers to walk away from Songbird Under a German Moon with?
I’d like readers to have a better understanding of what it was like at the end of WWII. The war was “won” but the danger wasn’t over. There were many people in transition and folks who were still risking their lives. It’s a part of history many don’t know about. Also, I’d like to remind readers that we need to seek God in “good” times as well as bad ones.
I found in intriguing that the setting of the book was Germany post WWII. Although parts of the story were what you would expect from a Christian romance, there were many twists and turns that I did not expect at all! I’m usually good at “calling” things and was very surprised by a few things, which made the book very interesting to me! I really enjoyed this book and had a hard time putting it down! As a result I read it very quickly. I would highly recommend it, it’s a fun, easy read, as well as being informational too.
If you’d like to hear what the other bloggers thought, be sure to go check out the rest of the blog tour!
And of course there’s a great contest going on as well!
Leave a comment on Tricia’s blog or send an email through her website CONNECT page and answer this question: What era in history do you wish you’d lived in and why?
Earn extra entries by signing up for Tricia’s newsletter here, becoming a Fan on Facebook or Tweeting about the contest on Twitter (use hashtag #songbird)!
You’ll be entered to win one of three signed copies of Songbird Under a German Moon.

Exciting New Opportunity!

I’m sure by now you remember me mentioning Christian Mom’s Business Resource (formerly Really Working From Home). I’m so excited to tell you that I was featured on their blog today. The reason I was featured is that I’ll be working for MariLee as her administrative assistant now! This is really a “God thing” as I’d been praying about getting another job that I could do part time from home since my Artistic Albums By Nicole business is usually boom or bust depending on the time of year and we’ll be moving to a high cost of living area and adding a new member to our family soon. When MariLee approached me about the opportunity to do some freelance work for her I was so excited about this answer to prayer! I whole heartedly support her business and have had my Artistic Albums business listed on the site since the very beginning. Since I’ll be blogging quite often for them know don’t be suprised if I link up to my stuff on there-hope you won’t mind! 😀

Created To Be His Helpmeet ~ Chapter 12 *and a "full disclaimer"*

I feel that this chapter couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! When I first broached the idea of doing this study I explained what the book was like and about and gave a little bit of a “disclaimer” (you can see that post here) I think when I started the study I had less than 50 followers though (wow to that, you are all amazing by the way, thanks for reading my stuff!!!!!!!) so I know many/most of you probably didn’t see that. As a result after I’ve been asking for feedback lately I’ve been getting it, but not really the kind I meant. LoL!!! Although I’m more than happy to discuss topics with any of my readers, the whole reason I decided to do this study each week was to help and encourage those Christian wives whose opinions were already in line with what the book teaches, and just needed guidance. (And by the way I’d like to point out that this is something I decided to do all on my little lonesome. I do get books to review from time to time but this is not one of them, I personally owned this book, have bought it as a gift for several girls, and just really wanted to share it with you).
That being said this chapter does a wonderful job of explaining exactly what I, this book, and the Bible all mean when we talk about submitting to your husband. In today’s culture submission is almost a curse word you’d think. It’s like me just saying it makes most women’s hair stand on end and picture women dressed all in black with only their eyes showing or something. I love this quote from the book:
“So is a woman a second-class citizen of the kingdom? Is she to be a subdued, brow-beaten servant to the male species? Certainly not! What the Bible teaches will not put women back into the Stone Age, nor will it turn us into a bunch of Muslim-like women who stay covered in black, sweaty bourkhas.”
I think as a military spouse grasping the idea of submission and a chain of command is easier than it maybe it is for civilians. My husband has people who are above him and he must obey them. Even if his Chief/OIC/XPO or whoever he is directly under at the time is a bumbling idiot and has no clue what he’s talking about, my husband must submit and obey his orders. Many times my hubby could possibly be doing a better job, or knows more about the subject at hand, but the deal is that the boss is the boss, and in the military that is highly respected.
We are all under someone, somewhere. We have to obey the law, the government, our employers, etc. etc. No matter how much you reject authority it’s all around. Our world revolves on it because it works. I highly doubt many of you are anarchists and yet women can’t seem to fathom what would work in a successful military, company, country, etc. just might need to be applied in the home as well. Even the Trinity has a chain of command for crying out loud!!!! Look at this verse:
“But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God” I Cor. 11:3
Would any of us claim that Jesus is inferior to God? Of course not?! But he submitted to God’s will. We are created equally before God but we are to submit to our husband’s because it’s God’s design, His plan, and we’re really just following His own pattern by doing so!
I agree that couples should discuss things together, that both should have a say in big decisions, etc. This has been the refrain of many of comments lately. However in my marriage, and I’m sure most marriages, there will be times when you just don’t agree. We’re human and bound to have different opinions from time to time, about things large or small. I’ve given the example of deciding where to live that recently came up in my own marriage, and just yesterday yet another thing came up. Hubby wanted us to change cell providers and I thought we should stay with who we were currently with. We had a nice, civilized discussion, each explaining their points and listening to the other persons. When all was said and done though, I hadn’t convinced him and he hadn’t convinced me. So what happened? I deferred to his opinion as the head of this household and we now have new phones and a new carrier. Was I right or he? Only time will tell but I did what I was supposed to do and we can both be happy with the decision because of that.
So I hope that explains more of where I’m coming from as I do this study. That being said I do realize that the vast majority of women today would still disagree with me and my above said opinion. I don’t expect to change the culture we live in or the opinions many have formed. I know Christian women who I believe truly do love the Lord who stand in total opposition to this book and also the idea of submission. So I will now give a “full disclaimer” and if you feel like any of these fit you, feel free not to read these posts! As stated before, although I am fine with discussing topics, and also all the comments I’ve gotten have been fine and nice, the whole purpose is not to change your mind if you don’t agree, and I can absolutely guarantee you will not change mine. So…
If you have a soul-mate for a hubby, you never disagree on anything, and you already have a gloriously happy marriage
If you cringe at the word Submisson and don’t want to try to learn a new take on it
If you don’t like to be told that you’re responsible for your action regardless of what your husband does or does not do
then I can pretty much assure you that reading the book and possibly even my posts will not benefit you and probably just make you mad, lol!!!!
And if the above fit you I’d really recommend the book For Women Only. It’s also a super great relationship book, but not controversial 😉
As always, feel free to comment, I love feedback! 🙂 I’d love to hear if any of the girls who originally wanted to participate in the study are still reading these posts?? If so, speak up!!! Let me know what you think, what you’ve learned!

You know you’re a parent when….

You fall to sleep singing “Hip, hip hooray; the super readers save the day” in your head…
to then dream about “la la la la, la la la la, Elmo’s world”
to wake up and have your first thought be,
“Look what we found, in the park, in the dark. We will take him home, we will call him Clark. He will live at our house, he will grow and grow. Will our mother like this? We don’t know!”