NUK Genius Baby Boy Blog Shower *Review*

As you all know, Amber loved her paci. I mean, loved it! Unless you’re a brand new follower you also know that we finally just “ditched” it a few weeks ago-lol! She still asks for it every night at bedtime!!! I’m just fine with the fact she loved it though, because in my mind pacis are worth their weight in gold!
So I was doing a happy dance when I received the NUK Genius Pacifier for Tyler (I have had to keep it hidden in the closet so Amber doesn’t try to get it, lol!) I think sometimes pacis get a bad rap but they’re really great for many reasons. The biggest is that studies have found that if you have your baby fall asleep while using a pacifier their risk of SIDS drops by quite a bit! That right there should be enough to make any parent rush out and buy one! I know that pacis were my life savers on all the long plane rides and road trips we’ve taken since Amber was born!
The reason the NUK Genius is so cool is that it’s special design makes it have several features that I look for when purchasing a paci. It’s super soft and designed by a dentist so messing up baby teeth isn’t a concern! The thing I love the most about it is the design was especially created to help out nursing moms so they won’t have to worry about nipple confusion, woo hoo! Any breastfeeding friendly product gains super brownie points with me!
And of course if you’re a parent you’ll immediately recognize the NUK brand-not only are they the #1 pacifier selling brand in America but they carry a plethora of other baby goodies as well! I am actually planning on buying a sippy cup from them for Amber when we go shopping tonight!

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