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In the past year, there have been a few, new and exciting things that have taken me on new paths in my life. First, I went from Stay at Home MoM to Work At Home MoM. There were many challenges when trying to figure out how to incorporate both work and family. With one child it was easy for me to work while she napped for three hours during the day. I also had the option to fit in work if I needed to at night (while my husband was at work). It was the perfect situation. I had Living My MoMent to occupy my time when the house was quiet by being able to start my own business to start trying to provide a little extra dough for the family. I am definitely the type of person who likes to be busy and I wanted to support other Small Business MoMs and DaDs by providing them Free Advertising. But apparently there is a place where you can become too busy and have too many things to juggle on your plate.

This is the time where you need to figure out where your priorities lie and who and/or what is going to be Number One on your list. For me, it’s my family. In October 2009, I realized that life was about to throw my business and my family a curve ball around. I was pregnant with our second child and was due the first week of December. How the heck was I supposed to take a break from Living My MoMent when I am the sole employee of the company. Bloggers and those of us running web based businesses can’t really take vacations. So, I thought of a way for my work load to decrease while trying to adjust to having a new baby in the family.

Maternity Leave!

At most jobs there are people who can help carry your weight while you’re gone, so I figured that I could apply it to this situation. I began asking my Facebook and Twitter fans if anyone was interested in Guest Blogging when the baby arrived. Well, I got an excellent reception from this request and had more people than I had days for guest blogs. I took them all! Who doesn’t need a little extra time with a newborn?

While in theory the guest blogging was a great idea and it worked out great for the days that I couldn’t sit down at the computer and work, I still could not pull myself away from the influx of emails and listing requests, reviews and giveaways. My maternity leave lasted maybe 4 days. Luckily, for me, my son was born on Thanksgiving so I had a long weekend to recuperate from giving birth. But that was about it. As I have said before, I really do love my job and to be away from it for more than a couple days was really too hard. I did cut back my work load and explained to people that the turn around time on things might be a little slower, but I know myself best and this is where I wanted to be.

Fitting in work, when my son was a newborn was actually easier then it has become 4 months later. When he was itty bitty, he slept a lot and my daughter was still taking her 3 hour nap, so I had many opportunities during the day to fit in work. But as Jake has gotten older, he’s not napping as much and his day time schedule is the exact opposite of Luci’s, so it makes finding time to work near impossible. Although, I love my business and what I do, my kids are only going to be young once and I need to cherish the little time I have with them. The other day I came to the realization that my business will probably flourish once my youngest child is at school and I have a good 6 hours to dedicate to my work. But for now, I have to fit it in where I can. I make sure that when I do have the time to work, there are no distractions so that I can focus on my “clients” and colleagues entirely! And not to discourage anyone trying to start their own business with children, because it is possible to run a successful business as long as you have the passion!
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