Sensory Learning Ideas and Crafts

Amber has always been a big “hands on” kinda girl! She couldn’t be happier than when she’s outside soaking in fresh air and exploring dirt, sand, grass, and anything else she can get her hands on!
Inside it’s the same, even though she knows how to use silverware now I continually have to tell her that she needs to not eat with her hands when she’s eating cereal, yogurt, etc. She just loves feeling the different textures too much!
While I always thought that this was just typical kid behavior I’ve since learned it’s actual an important and vital part to learning called Sensory Learning. Here are some great articles from my friend Shara that talk about why it’s so important, and also some great ideas for projects you can do that are cheap and fun and encourage sensory learning!
What Does Sensory Learning Mean? <-- her pictures look so much like all the ones I have of Amber!
Orange Peel Artwork Craft <--both this in the following use things you'd normally throw away
Dish Sponge Crafts and Activities <--good for sensory learning as well!
Sensory Activity using Pine Needles <--the picture of Amber above reminded me of this!
Sensory Activity for Early Learners <--this one uses free stuff you find outside!
50 Ideas to beat the Boredom Blues! <--several sensory and virtually all budget friendly!
20 Craft Tips <--also several sensory

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