(miss)Adventures in Potty Training

One of the only pics I have of Amber in a diaper! This was taken when she was just 3 days old, makes me anxious for her baby brother to get here!
I mentioned awhile back that soon after Operation Ditch the Paci was successful I was going to attempt Operation Ditch the Diapers. I decided to give it a try right before my blog shower kicked off since I knew I wouldn’t be going anywhere because of the massive amount of writing for the reviews and giveaways that had to be done. How did it go? Well let’s just say there’s a reason this is the first time I’m mentioning it….
They say hindsight is 20/20 (boy how overdone yet true is that cliche?) In looking back I can see a few key reasons why it was a total and complete flop:
#1 I was already stressed out and preoccupied with the blog shower, along with still dealing with some morning sickness so wasn’t even close to my normal patient self
#2 Because of the above reasons I got upset and frustrated waaay to quickly when Amber had accidents and
#3 Because of #1 I also wasn’t paying close attention to her, which I’m beginning to think is the worst thing you can do while potty training.
SO now that we are all settled in to our brand new apartment and Amber seems to be well adjusted to it Operation Ditch Diapers will commence with full force today!!!! (I’m writing this ahead of time but will be posting it on “D-Day”) This time I am prepared. Here is the plan of action!!!!
#1 Thanks to my cousin’s recommendation I have an e-book that she used to potty train her son that I will be following to the letter which promises a fully potty trained child in 3 days (if it does indeed work I will let you know all about it and where to find it so you can buy it too! If not then I’ll let you know as well!) I will also be using Potty Tots which I received to do a review of and that Amber has been in love with for months. I have been hyping her up about using the potty “just like the potty tots” for the past several days now. Once she is having success I’ll also do a full review of their program and talk about how it’s helped and how much she loves the DVD and book!
#2 I won’t be focusing on anything but potty training! I figure right now is perfect since it’s before baby comes and we aren’t involved in anything or going anywhere since I’m avoiding joining anything since I know I’d just have to stop for quite awhile after Tyler makes his debut.
#3 I’m much more focused and calm and happy now that the move is out of the way and the only big thing coming up now is baby arriving…and that just provides extra motivation to be encouraging and patient since I would *love* to only have one baby at a time in diapers!!!
So there we have it…wish me luck and I will re-appear the middle of this week with hopefully great success!!! If I get a chance I might post daily updates after Amber goes to bed, but we’ll just play it by ear!

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