I Hate to Cook Book *Review & Giveaway*

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The I Hate to Cook Book: 50th Anniversary Edition

Though I don’t actually hate to cook–I’d much rather bake than cook any day of the week! And I must admit that I’m no chef either. Never can I just think of delicious ingredients, throw them together and Voila! Nope, that’s just not me!
When I received the I Hate To Cook Book my Mom was visiting and she truly does hate cooking. She laughed at Peg’s funny saying that she could so relate to as she thumbed through the pages and copied down many of the recipes. When she read the part about finally finding one recipe the whole family liked and then you make it every one day until the whole family is so sick of it they can never eat it again I had to start laughing because that is certainly me in a nutshell!
This cookbook is hilarious, has lots of helpful tips, and the meals are tasty! I have made a couple and my mom made one. I fell in love with the Saturday Chicken recipe–the sauce is *amazing*!!!! And everything is oh-so-easy and contains familiar ingredients you probably already have stocked up! (a big plus for those of us who hate buying a new spice, trying the recipe, and hating it. Ok so now what am I supposed to use this Garam Marsala spice for???) If you can relate you’ll be excited because…
Two Lucky Winner’s will win their own copies of The I Hate to Cook Book!
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Good Luck!!!

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    I don’t know if this is a very funny story, and I’m sure it’s happened to others, but my first adventure in baking a cake was a bit of a disaster. I either added too much salt or too much baking soda. I went to taste the batter (egg free cake ;)), and it was terrible! Alas, we had to throw out all of that batter and start all over again. :( Luckily I hadn’t baked it yet, nor had served it to anyone else. :S

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    i’ve been cooking a very long time, since I was a small child, so I don’t have a lot of disaster stories at least not that I can remember. One time I did start some green beans on the stove and went and got busy cleaning a few rooms away and with my pregnant brain I totally forgot I had something on the stove. Burned them so bad it ruined the pan.

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    i am horrible at cooking potatoes. i always mess them up. no matter what. which i don’t get at all… because it’s supposed to be basic.

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    My favorite cooking disaster story is not my own; rather, it’s my Dad’s story. When I was younger, my Dad made a pan of baklava. Since you’re supposed to keep the phyllo sheets moist between adding layers to the pan, he used a damp Viva paper towel. He went about assembling the pastry and popped it in the oven. When the baklava was finally done, it looked and smelled fantastic — we could hardly wait to cut into it. After the agnonizingly long wait, my Dad pulled out a knife, cut the baklava into triangles, and served them to the rest of the family. I bit into my piece and thought it seemed a little tough — it turned out he had baked the paper towel right in!

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    I was craving eggplant while pregnant and I made a recipe for turkey and eggplant burritos I had been making for years. Apparently, it was an eggplant that was bad and both my husband threw up repeatedly after eating it. I didn’t eat eggplant for over 5 years after that. My husband still won’t touch it. What a shame since I was a really good recipe!

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