Molly Brown Baby Jewelry

There is nothing sweeter in the whole world than gorgeous, chubby, dimpled babies! It seems like right now everyone I know within 5 years of my age is either pregnant or, like me, just had a baby. I just love looking through pictures of my friends on Facebook and wondering how we all ended up with the cutest babies ever!
Of course buying baby gifts is always something that’s a ton of fun too! There are always the classic gifts you can’t go wrong with—clothes, diapers, toys, etc. A good idea if you’d like your gift to stand out in a sea of blankets and burp clothes, however, is to buy baby jewelry . When Amber was born we received a darling charm bracelet that she loves to wear now that she’s a toddler. Although I can’t remember who gave us most of Amber’s presents I know for sure who that one came from since it was so unique! Molly Brown has a Jelly Bean Charm in pink that is just too funny and cute. The Pink Aurora Necklace is absolutely darling and an initial necklace for the mom or mom-to-be is a gift that you can never go wrong with. I think my favorite is this Dolly Mixture Necklace (pictured) which allows you to personalize the chain, initial, charm, and cross gemstone color. So cute! So next time you’re headed to a baby shower and looking for a good gift idea remember that every girl loves jewelry-even if she’s just a newborn baby girl!

Disclosure: I will receive compensation for the above post. My opinions were and are all my own though. I adore jewelry and my stamp of approval cannot be bought!

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