Not So Fat Tuesday ~ Week 8

So I have to admit–I’ve been slacking. Through all the out of town guests and being sick and more guests and catching up and cranky babies….

I really haven’t been doing a blessed thing.


Now, however, it’s all about hopping back on the band wagon!!!! (Though to be honest I pretty much stumbled off as I was hopping back on by posting this so late, not writing anything down today, and eating pizza and a lava cake for dinner…hmmmmm)

Ah well–tomorrow is a new day right?! 😀 For all serious though I’m really hoping things start to calm down (well compared to what they have been) around here and that I can get back on track. I know that the holidays are coming up but they shouldn’t be too crazy for us because it looks like we’ll just be chilling at home for both of them. So here’s the game plan!

Workout 2 times in the next week (need to ease back into it)
Nail writing down in my food journal once and for all

Only tea or water allowed after dinner–no snacking unless I’m truly hungry and then it can only be something like baby carrots
Portion Control–eating till satisfied and then stopping
I’ve decided that my breakfast habits are also tripping me up. As Abbey can tell you 😉 I eat Cream of Wheat for breakfast 99.9% of the time. Truth is I hate breakfast so I figure as long as I’m eating *something* to get my metabolism going that counts right? In doing so I always make the biggest comfort food possible and slather butter and cinnamon and sugar on it…hmm..probably not so great. I want to start swapping cream of wheat with eggs and omelets w/ veggies to start giving me some protein to help me not want to snack later in the day.

That being said I *did* lose 1 lb last week which brings me to 5 lbs lost so far–Yippee!

What are you doing to stay, or like me get back on, track?

Oh and I decided to post (one of the few) full body shots I have of me when I was skinny-pretty. Good grief what I wouldn’t give to have that figure again!!!!

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