Little Star by Anthony DeStefano *Review*

In addition to loving all the wonderful decorations of Christmas I also love all of the wonderful stories it brings! The past few years I’ve been slowly buying my old favorites along with new favorites to add to our collection for Amber & Tyler. Little Star will definitely fall into the second category! It is the story about the Star of Bethlehem I love how it shows that even little “insignificant” people (or stars) can make a huge difference and change the world (something any child will instantly relate to) I love the way it is almost a type of Christ in how the little star ends up sacrificing himself for others but will always live on. I actually gave it as a present to my brother for his daughter for Christmas and he told me later that it made him tear up! It was a very touching, sweet story that I know my children will enjoy many times over in the years to come!!

Be sure to read the Amazon Reviews as well–so far it has 4 stars and 138 reviews!

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