Christmas Shopping Yey :)

I’m so excited about Christmas shopping for Amber this year now that she’s actually old enough to get really excited about Christmas. Every morning when she’s comes out in to the front room she yells, “Momma! Momma a Christmas tree!!! It’s beautiful is it!!” It’s so cute, lol 😀

So I’ve been seeing Melissa and Doug toys everywhere around here and loved how they looked 😀 (I really wanted to do a review of them too but they only work with the mega big bloggers–boo, lol–I would hold that against them but their stuff looks really awesome so I guess I won’t) I get My Litter emails (one of only 2 blogs I email subscribe too–looooooove her stuff!!!!) and she mentioned that Amazon had them for 1/2 off yesterday–woo hoo! This is what I got Amber:

I’m so excited! 😀 Also with Amazon Mom I get free 2 day shipping!!! If you haven’t signed up for that yet–do it now!! You get a few free months of Amazon Prime (that’s where you get the free 2 day shipping) and it’s totally free and catch free to sign up. I’ve been using it tons! Plus you get all kinds of good discounts on baby stuff when you sign up. Yesterday I was able to get 2 big packs of Huggies overnight diapers for $15! 🙂

I normally don’t share the deals I find but I was thinking that since I love it when other bloggers do I should probably start sharing how I save lotsa bucks too 😀 Would you like more posts from me on frugal living and good deals??? I don’t want to waste my time or yours but if you’d find them useful I’d be happy to share my tips and tricks!

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