Not So Fat Tuesday ~ Week 11

I love this picture 🙂 It was taken just a few days after me & Bob got engaged ♥ (can’t you tell? I look so happy and starry eyed!) and the other couple is Heather & Derek–she’d just gotten her promise ring but they ended up getting married 2 months after we did. 6 years later we’ve both been married for 5 1/2 years and we have 2 kids and they’re expecting their first!
But anyways–enough found memories!
I honestly don’t know what I was thinking last week–I mean–was I joking when I said that I thought things were going to slow down? *laughs hysterically and just a bit crazed*
It’s December and Christmastime for crying out loud–I was outside my brain! This week has gone by in a hazy blur and was filled with brownies, fudge, lots of trips up and down stairs, grocery shopping, Christmas shopping, Christmas pictures, dinner at friends, and more.
Meaning that although I did lots of exercise hauling my kiddos and groceries up and down the millions of stairs I balanced it out with the goodies leaving me at a 0 lb weight loss or gain.
Time to be realistic–December is a busy crazy insane month no matter what and it’s also filled with goodies that are too good to resist. Want to know what my schedule is looking like right now? Here’s a copy/paste from an FB message I sent to my bff (Heather in the picture above) yesterday:
“Life continues to be nutso around here–haha. 🙂 I’m going to start writing a weekly devotional for so I’m excited about that and it looks like I might start doing reviews for another site as well but I’m not sure. Trying to get all my Christmas shopping done, caught up on my blog (always feel like it’s one step forward five steps back) work stuff (not as many hours this month so that’s nice) and since I think I *finally* maybe don’t have to go anywhere the rest of this week I want to start potty training again and finally get poor Tyler on some type of a schedule as far as napping goes. On top of that I want to hang out with Bob as much as possible since once the first of the year hits he’ll basically be gone more than he’s here for the rest of the year because of work 🙁 –boooo!!! and before I can do any of that stuff I have to keep the house super clean/meals cooked/laundry done/kids entertained and educated/etc because before I started my job/blog/etc I promised Bob it would never get in the way of taking care of him/the kids/the house so if things start to slide even a little I get super guilty feeling and have to go take care of them….”
and I forgot to tell her that I have 2 huge scrap booking projects for friends that I’m doing so they can give them as Christmas presents that I need to get done asap!
Tyler’s still not sleeping well either and the exhaustion from that is making everything even harder.
So…yeah. I’ve decided to “put off” feeling guilty about not exercising for now. I’m not giving myself free reign and am going to still try to be “good” and careful and not go overboard. But I want to just be able to take the rest of this month to focus on getting caught up on all that above and then come January I’ll make like every other “I need to lose weight” person and hit exercising hard 🙂 Hoping that since this goal is not just a “New Years Resolution” I will have much more success with it though!
So here’s the game plan:
Not gain any weight through December & try to lose a little just through being moderate in goodie/food consumption and exercise in the forms of running up and down the stairs, dancing with kiddos, and that good stuff.
Come January it’ll be back to the original plan and workout DVDs, push ups, sit ups, and running.
How’s your December going? Are you still hitting it hard or are you going to give yourself some slack too?

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