The Way Home *Review*

As a parent there is no worse fear than losing your child. I can’t imagine the gut wrenching feeling of my heart being ripped out that I know would take hold of me if I turned around to find Amber or Tyler had suddenly disappeared. The Way Home was a wonderful movie that made me laugh and cry–both happy and sad tears! It was a wonderful movie that showed how God can take hard things in our lives and use them for the good–and it’s based on a true story! My family back home in Wyoming also watched it and were all very impressed with it and thought it was a really good movie. The acting was great and the storyline gripping. It is great to watch alone like I did (no one to see the tears that way–haha) or would make a great family movie to enjoy together! I love that it really makes you stop and think about the things that really matter in life! I know I snuck in and gave both of my kids kisses after watching it!

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