Help a Cute Baby Out :)

Have you helped my cute little man out yet???!!! If not–what are you waiting for? 😉
You can vote once a day on the one! He was ranked waaaay down low at 616 as of today–come on people–look at that smile–get him up in the top 100 purdy please! 😀

So I’ve always known my kiddos are absolutely gorgeous 😉 Well now I know it’s not just me because Tyler is in the running for Two “cutest baby” things right now for the picture above! We’d really appreciate your help and vote!

Go Here to vote for Tyler to win the Weekly Cute Baby Parenting Contest (we would get $250–that would so help out with covering Christmas presents!!!)

And Go Here to “like” Tyler’s on the Soft Baby facebook page–feel free to gush a little about how he’d be the cutest lil model ever!

I don’t think you have to sign up for anything for either of them so it’ll just take a minute of your time! Feel free to pass along his cuteness and ask others to vote!

Thanks–you’re all the best! 😀

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