I Don’t Like Santa

It’s true. For some reason I just don’t like Santa.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those people who feels that he represents all that is evil and should be avoided and de-bunked at all costs. I like movies with Santa in them (all the classics-Rudolph, Frosty, Miracle on 34th St. etc) some Christmas stories like The Littlest Elf, and I like Santa hats–as seen by this way too cute future black mail picture 😉

But when it comes to other decorations, wrapping paper, and just other things about him in general-I just don’t like him at all. I mean–if you really stop and think about it an old fat guy in a red suit sneaking into your house?? Little creepy 😉
Now, I’m sure a big part of this is the fact that I never ever remember believing in Santa. Though my parents let us when we were really little as soon as we asked if he was real they told us the truth. I have always appreciated that they didn’t lie and honestly I never cared. As long as I got presents and we could play along I really didn’t care who brought them. My Mom always signed our biggest gift “From Santa” up until I moved out and I always thought that was fun.
Another reason, of course, is because I’ve always wanted to focus more on Jesus birth and the true meaning behind everything.
So this year I felt faced with a dilemma of sorts. I’m thrilled because Amber is old enough to finally “get” Christmas. She looooves the Christmas tree and decorations and is so excited about everything. I was debating whether or not I should start the whole Santa thing. I figured I should….but like I said-I don’t like Santa.
My dilemma was solved when she came running up to me the other day yelling “Momma-Santa’s coming!!!” (I later figured out that one of her PBS shows had a Christmas episode all about Santa, haha) I decided to go with it and tell her that yes, he is coming and will leave presents. My questions about whether or not to “have” Santa were answered when her eyes lit up and she jumped up and down in joy–and has continued to do every single day. 🙂
So although I still don’t really like Santa–it’s fun for Amber to like him. And since I plan on telling her the truth as soon as she asks I’m going to cherish these few years while she still believes!

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Santa”

  • Well, my first huge paragraph got deleted somehow…

    Anyway, she’ll love it! I actually waited a good year to ask if he wasn’t real because I didn’t want to actually hear the answer and still wanted the excitement of it. I knew he wasn’t, just didn’t want to actually hear it. Once I knew though, I then helped be Santa until Megan was older and that was a lot of fun too. My mom still signs a present from ‘Santa and Mrs. Clause’, it’s fun. Santa never takes the place of Jesus for kids either (don’t understand parents who think he does) especially when you teach them the difference. There was never a question with us. The excitement is just a lot of fun for kids. Can’t wait to hear about Amber’s Christmas 🙂

  • I understand about Santa and I don’t think he is attractive anyway to have decorations of him! LOL
    What I did when my kids were little was I told them taht Jesus brought the presents. It just worked for us. And everyone does different things so we figured that is what we wanted to do. I don’t remember ever believing in Santa, though, so will have to ask my Mom! HA! But in grade school the teacher had all the kids who believed in Santa leave the room and told us not to tell them he wasn’t real.
    Next: the Tooth Fairy! LOL

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