Not So Fat Tuesday ~ Week 13

So today’s picture is totally goofy but I thought my best buddy needed to see it so it could give her a smile and make her remember good memories 🙂
Anyways–moving on!!!! At first I debated whether or not I just wanted to start over a Week 1 with Not so. New Year, new slate, all that bit. I decided not too, however, because my Not So journey is not a New Years Resolution. It’s something I’ve been working on for awhile now and unlike a resolution even though I (continually) trip up I just keep plugging away knowing that  if I don’t throw in the towel I can and will reach my goal eventually!
That being said I do view the New Year as a chance to refocus and get serious. I did gain 1.5 lbs over Christmas so that puts me at needing to lose 13 lbs in the next 14 weeks. Definitely do-able but I need to get serious and not make any slip ups if I want it to happen. Then I will need to lose 10 lbs in 13 weeks on top of that to reach my full goal of being back to my “skinny pretty weight” by Tyler’s 1st birthday.
The game plan is as same as from the beginning–I know it will work, I just need to actually do it!
Goals for this week:
Work out to DVDs at least 3 times
Do Push ups/sit ups every other day
Drink lots of water (watch drink calories)
NO after dinner snacking unless it’s veggies
Portion control
Write in food journal
Can’t wait to hear how your journey is going! Feel free to join us anytime!!

2 thoughts on “Not So Fat Tuesday ~ Week 13”

  • The picture made me smile, then laugh…thanks!!! You definitely made me feel better.

    And is Tyler really going to be 1 in 27 weeks?? Okay, so 27 weeks doesn’t sound soon, but it is!

  • You will get back into it! We all will. You just need to get on track. So do I! And I gained more weight than you did. 1-2 pounds over the Holidays really isn’t too bad.

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