Not So Fat *ack* Friday??? ~ Week 14

Yes–another very goofy picture in attempts to distract you from the fact that I am, again, posting this waaaay later than I should have been. Working?? Yes?? 😉
This week has been all sorts of topsy turvy due to the *massive* snow storm we got which cancelled everything in and around Boston including work for hubby-so the past couple of days we’ve been enjoying time with hubby/Daddy! 😀

Soooo…..I worked out twice since the last Not So Fat, so not great, not bad. Depending on what day you’re looking at I *think* I lost the 1 lb I was supposed to. Since I’m nursing my water weight varies so much that my weight can go up and down 5 lbs in just one day and varies day to day so sometimes it’s hard to tell! I *wasn’t* a good girl about eating…again. Hubby did the shopping for us (sweet man) buuuut he bought all my favorite down-fall goodies: goldfish crackers, mini Reeses peanut butter cups, and pudding cups. Uggg. 
To make matters worse in one of my nifty mommy daily newsletter emails (I probably get about 4 different ones) yesterday there were pictures of “real life” mommy bellies post baby. Some were *really* chubby and much grosser looking than my own (what it’s true, lol) but there were others that made me cringe because of how *good* they looked!! One gal in particular was 7 months post baby and she looked like I used to look in all my skinny pretty pictures belly wise!! I was disgusting how skinny and gorgeous her tummy was! Ack! She said that she got it through regular pilates. I was bemoaning this to my hubby and he, (ever the brutally honest person he is) told me, “Well you’re going to have to do more exercise than bouncing around the living room for five minutes a couple days a week if you want to look like that.” Pfffff…….
Yeah…he’s right.
I know if I try to jump into some hour long workout routine I’m gonna get burnt out and it’s just not going to work for me. I do think I need to start  doing something every single weekday though. I think part of the reason I often don’t do it the 3 days I’m supposed to is I have no kind of routine and doing it that seldom isn’t enough to make me get into one. If I do alternate cardio, with upperbody, with cardio, with lower body, with cardio it will give me 5 days and not focusing too much on any one area. My DVD is a “total workout in ten” so I have no excuse *not* to do it for 10 minutes each day. Even the most busy person could fit that in! So my new goal is to do that starting next Monday.
As far as eating goes I just read an article that again addressed the issue of needing to figure out *why* you’re eating each time you eat. Is it because you’re legitimately hungry? Because you have a craving for something you really don’t need? Because your mouth wants something to do because you’re bored? I’m going to take this next week to really focus when I’m eating on the food, making sure I stop when I’m satisfied, and asking myself–“Do I *need* this or just *want* this?” before I put anything into my mouth.
We’ll see if these new strategies will finally help me get on board and stay consistent!!!
As always–feel free to join in or link up anytime! I’m inspired by everyone and it’s great to feel I’m not alone!!
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  1. says

    Oh you slacker you. Totally understandable that you needed to spend time it with the hubs during the snow storm.

    But he is right jumping around for 5 minutes isn’t going to do it either. :) I’m not saying that my workout routine works either but I kknow that I can’t get fit by sitting on my butt doing nothing.

    I have a problem with motivating myself and I too get burnt out easily. That’s what I’m glad I have the Just Dance and Zumba for wii. Then both the kids and I are dancing around and exercising at the same time. :)

    I think it’s great that you are going to start thinking about why you are eating. I try to do this but sometimes I pick and that’s a BIG problem for me. I don’t eat cause I’m bored. I just eat cause it’s something todo. haha

  2. says

    I am scared of those “after baby” pictures. I’m sure that some of them would make me feel very depressed (especially since my “baby” is seven years old now! haha)

    Thinking about the why of eating…that is a really good idea. I’m going to have to try it!

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