Not So Fat Tuesday ~ Week 16

Last week was *so* encouraging to me!!!! I really just posted the picture because it felt good to feel I was making progress. With Tyler being my second baby I feel that this is taking much longer than it did with Amber and I get discouraged sometimes and my constant struggles to “be good” and “get fit”. I got an overwhelming response on here and on Facebook to the picture I posted! It really just made me feel so wonderful and smile and really want to keep at it and not give up because I feel like I have my own little fan club cheering me on. So to all of you who made such wonderful, thoughtful, encouraging comments or even just “liked” my picture–thank you!!! It means so much to have friends who are so uplifting and encouraging and I really appreciate you!

I was going to post another new pic for this week but didn’t have a chance to upload it so I chose this one instead–the “little guy” I have my arm around is my youngest brother–who will be 20 in just a few months! Ack!!!! Time goes by waaay too quickly!

So the good news this week is that I’m back to my pre-Amber weight! Hurray! The bad news is that I’m still struggling with sticking to any consistent routine/idea. The thinking before eating thing worked…until the answer to “why am I eating this cookie?” turned out to be “so I want to. So there.” Hahaha…I’m serious–I had that conversation with myself (in my head–I’m not that crazy that I had it outloud 😀 ) I did work out a couple of time but not consistently.

So—onto the new strategy for this week! Most of my snacking/bad eating is mindless eating–you know, where you’re on the laptop/watching a movie/reading a book eating. You eat a whole bowl of something and didn’t really taste any of it. Yeah, that kind. Well my new rule for this week is that I cannot eat anything unless that’s the *only* thing I’m doing at the time. I’m one multi-tasking lady and usually am doing 3 things at once but I know this is leading to me eating more than I need. So from now on whenver I eat I’m going to force myself to have that be the *only* thing I’m doing at the time–no more checking email at breakfast or snacking during relax time in the evenings! This will be hard because my mouth likes to be occupied but I’ll just have a big glass of water with ice to crunch nearby and hopefully that will help!

As for exercise going to just keep on trying to increase my regularity of doing it. This week will be hard as I have appointments nearly every day (dentist was today but he was nice and my teeth are great so yey!) but running up and down the stairs will help just in and of itself.

So there’s my check in :) How’s it going for you?

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    The whole non-multi-tasking while eating thing really is an easy downfall, haha. I can finish up reading a chapter of a book, put it down, and see an empty cup that once had m&ms or something in it, and I don’t even remember one bite!!! NOT even fair. I get the guilt, but not the fun.

    I love these posts!:D

    And Ryan was a cute little dude, wasn’t he?! Love that pic. :)

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