Not So Fat Tuesday ~ Week 18/Winter Weight Off

So did I fool anyone into thinking it’s actually Tuesday? No? Oh well….I tried 🙂
Soooo….I’m stuck.
Up till now (as you have seen) pretty much regardless of what I was doing the weight was coming steadily off. Well now I’ve hit that plateau where I’m 10 lbs over my pre-baby weight, Tyler’s 6 months and just started solids, and the scale isn’t budging.
I’m sure that the fact I have a cold and have been super stressed aren’t helping anything. Since I am still sick and a little overwhelmed (although the potential bad news referenced last week looks like it will NOT happen that’s a relief!) I think this week I’m going to focus on one thing and one thing only…kicking the after dinner snacking habit.
Now Abbey from Living My Moment who is one of my gals who is faithfully linking up with me has kicked this habit through Not So Fat….and I feel SUPER guilty that I haven’t managed to! Especially since after dinner I’m never really hungry..that’s just the time of day I really start craving things..especially sweet things! So kicking the habit once and for all would save me a bunch of useless, unhealthy calories!
So I will not have anything after dinner for this entire week except for ice water or hot tea. If I start craving it badly I will get on Twitter and/or Facebook and just complain to Abbey about it so she can tell me not to cave 🙂
What one thing do you want to focus on? How are you going to keep your self accountable?
Link up in my comments!
One of my favorite Big blogs is also doing a weight loss journey called Winter Weight Off
weight loss tips

So I’ll be linking up with them and you can feel free to as well!

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