Not So Fat Winter Weight Off ~ Craziness

So last week was just *crazy*!!! Here’s what my schedule looked like:

Monday: Amber’s 3rd Birthday Party/Valentine’s Day
Tuesday: Amber’s birthday & work meeting
Wednesday: Bible Study & grocery shopping
Thursday: MOPs
Friday: Pass Out

So, sorry I missed posting! I was doing great about the no eating after dinner…till the party! Last weekend with the cake, ice cream, and V*day candy being good kinda went straight out the window! Yipes!

On a *good* note I did manage to lose 2 lbs despite all that and finally am back on track with my weight loss! Also I finally managed to get over the nasty cold that lasted several weeks. So now I have no reason to *not* get back on track with exercising and eating right! My goal for this week is to once again be good about no after dinner snacking, and exercise 3 times.

I’ve decided to start doing this on Monday’s instead of Tuesdays (starting next week) since usually Monday’s are one of my less crazy days and so hopefully I’ll be able to do it each week. Also I’m switching to Monday’s to be in tune with Winter Weight Off. I’m super excited about this series since one of the areas I struggle in is good tasting, healthy food. Eating healthy is a struggle as my hubby is bean pole and can eat whatever he wants and happens to hate healthy food, haha! I’ll be trying to really focus on eating healthy during the times when he is away for work and I’m excited to use the recipes and tips she’s sharing!

I also really love how she talked about the fact that all of this ISN’T a diet–which is my philosophy and what I’m doing 100%. I’m trying to slowly and gradually get down to my goal weight by introducing positive habits and getting rid of bad ones in my life. That’s also why I decided to stop counting the weeks–this is a process that actually started as soon as I had Tyler and it will continue inevitably so in order to avoid “Not So Fat Week 35293” I’ll just start doing the 

Have you had any crazy weeks that have thrown you off your schedule? What are you doing to get back on track?

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