Government Shutdown 2011 ~ A Coastie Wife’s View

So…yeah. This has been an intense, crazy, bad couple of weeks. I could go off about this whole Government shut down thing, and oh boy would I love to! As a military spouse I do have to be conscientious on how much I mouth off in the big wide world of the web though so I will just give a little bit of my mind and then go on to provide some resources.

All I can say right now is that Amber wakes up crying in the middle of the night and when I ask what’s wrong she sobs to me how much she misses her Daddy. I can just say how utterly sweet and yet heartbreaking it is to see her run to the window to send him a hug and kiss goodnight and tell him about her day through the glass while she tries to look far away to where he is. I can only say that he will be missing Tyler’s first steps, first words, first birthday. I can only say that I am willing to make these sacrifices as I am a proud Coastie wife and as he proudly serves our country.

I will also say that I am outraged that these sacrifices might be asked to be done with no pay. We have savings, yes, but are using them in order to get me down to family so that me and the kids have an adequate support system during my husband’s deployment. We have no credit card debt, yes, and $16,000 available for use should worst come to very worst. But, really??? Should I be required to go into debt and put our electricity bill on a credit card because the government cannot reach some agreement? Should I start worrying about how I’m going to buy diapers for my baby? My small work from home salary won’t cover even 2 of our monthly bills. One thing I have always been so thankful for is that a military salary, though not large for us as hubby is in the lower paygrades, is always dependable. I guess I just learned that’s not the case.

Because the media in general is completely glossing over the fact that as things stand right now the ENTIRE military will not be receiving their check this week here are some good things you can check out!

Operation Stand By My Man ~ originally started as a spouse/girlfriend support page it has gained nearly 20,000 (NO joke–this morning there were only close to 4,000 gals) fans just TODAY! My bestie Lara is the Marine Co-Moderator. Lots of good (and maybe not so good) information flying around on it right now. What a comfort to know that we are all going to band together if and when this happens!

This Video from Army Wife 101 caused her to be interviewed on CNN last night. I have to say that she basically took the words out of my mouth on EVERY point!

and to end on a lighter note….

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