Thirty Day Photo Challenge ~ Day 30

Day 30 – A picture of someone you miss
One of the hard things about my life is that at any point I am missing a huge chunk of people that I love. Right now is super hard as I’m missing *everyone* but my kiddos. The most hurtful missing is, of course, my hubby. We’ve only been apart for a few weeks and I feel like a chunk of my heart is missing and it throbs with hurt. This deployment is just going to suck. I always wondered when we were dating if long distance relationships got any easier the longer you were together….the truth is they really don’t, it just hurts more! I love this picture–not because of me, I look horrible in it, but we are so cute and young looking–because we were 😀 Hubby especially, in this picture we’re 17 and 18 years old…he looked like such a cute little boy back then and has since matured into a handsome man. I’m a very lucky girl and wouldn’t trade being with him for the world–even if it means that chunk of my heart has to hurt so badly at times!

Hope you all enjoyed this photo challenge much as I did!

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