Trend Micro™ SafeSync™ *Review*

Thanks to being a BzzAgent I’m once again getting to try a fab new product! This time it was Trend Micro SafeSync. It’s an online service that backs up all your important files (you tell it which ones to do) and then each time you get on the computer it checks and adds to your account with your new files or makes any changes that you might have made. I’m the type of person who is obsessive about making sure my photos are safe…I keep them on my computer, on a couple of different online photo sharing sites, and on my external hard drive. Only then can I delete them off of my memory card, haha! The problem with all that is that it depends on *me* to keep it safe, and I can tell you right now I’m *horrible* at backing up everything–especially on my external. I love the fact that SafeSync does all the work for me instead! It has an easy to use format and uploaded *all* my many pictures pretty quickly. There are also several different sizes with different prices that you can purchase. I will be needing to upload as my hundreds of pictures have taken up all my space already, haha.

You can use the discount code BZZ20 for 20% off!

Happy file saving 😉

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