Fairer Than Morning by Rosslyn Elliott *Review & Giveaway*

Fairer than Morning (A Saddler's Legacy Novel)Of course when I saw that a historical romance was coming out by a gal with my same last name (spelled correctly even!), I couldn’t say no! Fairer Than Morning was one of the most interesting books I’ve read recently. One of the things that I really enjoyed about it is that it was far from cookie-cutter, which is really hard to do in a historical romance! The characters were deep, multi-facted, and the story line was very unpredictable and kept throwing twists and surprises at you. Her delving into the darkness of grief and abuse was also rare and unusal in a Christian romance, and there was even a bit of a scandal in it. Everything got so complicated I was at a point in the book where I was saying to myself, “I don’t know if I’ll like this book because I don’t know HOW everything could possibly be resolved in a way that I would like by the end!” Rosslyn pulled it off quite nicely, however! The only part of the book that I didn’t enjoy was during the “scandalous” part. Though I understand the logic behind it I honestly felt it was a bit much for a Christian novel, and think the storyline wouldn’t have been hurt in anyway had it been left out. That’s just my own little 2 cents worth. The story is definitely worth reading and I have already lent this to my mom, and now my sister-in-law, to read. As mentioned some of the content is just a tad on the adult side, and I wouldn’t be loaning it to my single, teenage sister for example 😉

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To celebrate the release of her debut novel, Fairer Than MorningRosslyn Elliott is giving away two fabulous prize packages. The first is brand new KINDLE in her Fairer Than Morning Kindle Giveaway. Then on September 20th she’s giving away a $200 gift certificate toward a Custom-Made Historical Reproduction Dress (from Recollections) during the Fairer Than Morning Book Club Chat Party on Facebook! Sigh…romantic.

Fairer Than Morning is receiving wonderful reviews – Library Journal said, “A well-written historical series debut…”. Read more reviews here.

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