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First off I want to know what girl alive doesn’t enjoy cute shoes?! I’m not what I would consider as a “shoe person” all in total I only own about 10 pairs-including older ones that I never wear. I have a cousin who has 300+ pairs of shoes and was totally taken back that I didn’t own more. The way I am is that I find a pair of shoes that I *LOVE* and then I wear them to death! I’m a total flip flop and sandals girl, they’re so comfy! Many times flip flops aren’t so attractive though, and Bob gets annoyed by the flop flop flop sound they make if we’re walking around the mall. fibi and clo sandals  are the big glam sisters of the lowly flip flops. They fit and feel like flip flops, except for the fact that they wrap around the back as well so that you avoid that flop flop flopping. I was sent the Smoke Cascade sandals and I *love* them! I’m also not a gold person–at all–ask anyone that knows me! These sandals are gorgeous though-even with the gold! They also offer several pairs in silver (gotta get me some of those…..) At first I was afraid that these would be too “blingy” as I’m not much of a over the top bling kind of gal. The stones were beautiful and delicate and I love the design and how it wraps around my foot. My mom and sister think they’re adorable as well! They dressed up my jeans and are pretty enough to wear to church or for a night out. I wore them around the house, to McDonalds, up into the McDonalds play place to rescue Amber, and chasing Tyler around. Even though I hadn’t even broken them in yet they felt great all day!

Here is a little bit about the company right from them–I am SO excited that they are reaching out to AAFES, it and the commissary on Hanscom Air Force Base are where I do virtually all of my shopping when we’re home!

fibi & clo is an exclusive direct sales company that offers sandals and accessories. We are based in Texas but we design the shoes in New York City. We sell the sandals for $45 at at-home parties and online only. We have turned down offers by department stores and high end boutiques to carry our sandals. We have agreed to partner with AAFES because we respect the armed forces, also we have agreed to offer the sandals at a discounted price of $34.99. They are only offered online to members of the armed forces and their immediate family, and as you probably already know, AAFES offers free shipping! The latest style to be featured online is the Turquoise Sun. You can check out the shoes on our website

What kind of shoes are your favorite? Do you like my new shoes?

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  • I bought a pair of cascade flats from them, but they fell off of my feet within 10 steps regardless what surface I walked on. Poor design and quality, or maybe the ones I got were defective, but the company refused any refund, and return shipping is on my own…Not happy at all.

    • Oh no! That’s not good at all! This pair lasted me pretty much every day any time it was warm and just gave out recently–so I had a really good experience with them, that’s too bad they don’t have good customer service though!!

  • Hi Jenn,

    We have noticed that you have written reviews on quite a number of websites. We really would like to take care of your sandals. We have a very generous return policy, and if the shoes were defective we send you another pair at our cost. Please email us at Thank you.

    fibi & clo

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