Married Mom, Solo Parent — A Life Changing Read

There are few books that I’ve read that have actually impacted me to the point of changing my life and thinking. In fact other than the Bible I can only think of three other books that have done this for me–this book is that kind of a book! As many of you know I have been a Married Mom, Solo Parent for the past almost 7 months now-8 if you include the time away in Florida spent in training.

The truth is, though, I’ve been a solo parent several different times since Amber was born-that’s just the nature of military life.

Throughout this deployment I’ve struggled with explaining what I’m going through or even what term to use to call myself. I used “single mom” in quotations but that never seemed right–as I’m *not* single, I’m married, but I’m most definitely alone in raising my children. I love the phrase married mom solo parent and Carla hits the nail slam down hard on so many different topics of this lifestyle. There were a few things I couldn’t completely relate to–but almost through the entire book I found myself wanting to yell, Yes yes!!!! You understand, that is so me!” What a blessing and what a challenge and what a help this book has been to me over the past few weeks. She is not afraid to lay things out and just plain out straight tell it how it is, no mincing words, no smoothing over feelings, no avoiding the toughest of topics. This book is a must read, most definitely for every woman who has an absent husband, but even for any mom. I passed this along to my own mom to read (who has not been apart from her husband for more than a week in their 25+ years of marriage) and she was challenged and very blessed by it as well. You will not regret reading this book!

You can purchase Married Mom, Solo Parent On Amazon Here–it’s just $2.99 for the Kindle Format!


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