Mompact Holiday Giveaway

Have you heard of Mompact yet? It’s a wonderful company that is all about Mom Supporting Business! They have an amazing Direct Sales opportunity that is just starting out, along with an amazing Blog Ambassador program. Did I mention they also have amazing giveaways all the time? Here is their latest one–you can enter it on the Mompact Facebook page Here or through the Rafflecopter form bellow.

Happy Holidays!
This holiday season we are giving away a Deluxe Gift Basket to one special mom or child.  The winner will be able to choose between the Boutique Baby Shower Basket or the Kids Collections Basket.  Win it for yourself, or send it as a gift.  Winner will be selected on December 21st in time for Christmas Shipping.

If you’d like to purchase the items found in the basket (great Christmas presents!!) You can find them here –this week only they’re 25% off when you use the code HOLIDAYGIFT25!

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What’s Your Dream Job?

My post on Travel Nursing got me to thinking about jobs and dream jobs. Hubby is playing with the idea of whether to stay in or get out of the military next year. Though there are many pros to the military there are plenty of cons to, which we found this past deployment!!! It’s hard to choose whether a dependable paycheck is worth it being a small one, if great health benefits outweigh time together as a family. Every job is like that though, they all have their goods and their bads.

Websites like are great because they can give you an idea of what is out there, what the pay range is, and what the qualifications would have to be in order to get the job you’re thinking of. Hubby has been playing around on them lately looking up chemistry related jobs.

So what about you? What would your “dream job” be? Is it the job you’re currently in (like me 🙂 ) or is just a dream at this point-what would it take for you to pursue it?

The Mommy Montage *Guest Post*

  The Mommy Montage

We’ve all done it, not that it’s ever effective. Every mother runs through the list of do’s & don’ts before taking the kids into the store for the ever-thrilling family shopping trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the market or the mall, the same warnings apply.
I remember one such montage on the way into Walmart with my brood. My husband, Bryan, was deployed, and we were homeschooling for the first time, which meant it didn’t matter what time of day I went, I had to take all of them with me. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see passersby stifling laughs and smiling. Especially the ladies – some with children, some without – almost all had the “been there, done that” look on their faces.
I walked briskly toward the entrance, lugging a car seat with my two-month-old in one hand and the hand of my 18-month-old in the other. Like ducklings in a row, my 6- and 4- year-olds followed along behind. It went something like this:
“There will be no yelling, no pushing, no fighting, no arguing. You will not hit each other, wander off, hide in the clothing racks, or add things to the basket. You will not beg, plead, or barter for goodies. You will stay with me, you will not whine, you will move quickly. There will be no complaining about what we are or aren’t getting, and finally, you will remember to use an inside voice.”
At this point, I would take a deep breath and pause at the doors.
“Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes, ma’am!” they’d exclaim in unison.
Then we would head into the store, where the moment we set foot inside, all memories of the rules are forgotten. So, the next time you catch yourself chanting the Mommy Montage, knowing full well that none of it will be heeded, don’t feel bad. Keep in mind that this, too, shall pass. One day it will be you wearing that knowing grin as another Mom utters those oh-so-familiar words!

– Jennifer Hamilton
“Stole” this from the wonderful Scrap Girls Newsletter I just couldn’t resist, it was too good 😀 –you can sign up for it too on their website here

Smile–you’re amazing!

Yepp–that’s right, you really are! I’m *super* happy dancing over here these days-not only do I finally have my sweetie hubby home (just in time for Thanksgiving–YEY!) But I just passed up 1,000 followers/fans/subscribers on here, facebook, and Twitter–woo hoos! Just in case you missed in the first time here is what my happy dance looks like:

Of course this video was taken quite awhile ago–I’m a blondie with long hair now, a new apartment and a new blog name– 😉 But the dance is the same! 😀

One of the things that I really love about all you lovely followers is getting comments!! I got some great feedback on my Travel nursing post and all the benefits that come along with the job. I always respond to my comments either via email or coming on here and posting back-so leave me some love and I will show you some!

Hope you’re having a happy dance kind of day!

The True Story of Puss in Boots DVD *Review*

As a work from home mom I greatly look forward to when my littlest guy goes down for a nap and I can pop a DVD in for my daughter so that I can get at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted blogging and/or working done! Since I do my work on my laptop I sit beside Amber and watch along with her as I work-so it’s important that I like what she’s watching!

I have to give Puss n Boots mixed reviews, on the one hand my mother in law and I were a little weirded out by the animation. It’s very adult looking and angular with distorted features–kind of like something Tim Burton might put out, not you nice normal proportions and rounded edges found in most children’s movies. I found the music got on my nerves a little as well, and the princess had a rather snotty attitude. My daughter loved the movie and asked for it several times, so it is kid approved. However there were enough things that I didn’t like about the movie that I will not be keeping it in our collection. For fear of sounding too harsh I decided the check out the Amazon Reviews to see what other moms were saying–for the most part they all agreed with me. It would make a good gift for someone who enjoys unique art and true to the story movies, for the under 5 crowd I wouldn’t recommend it though.

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 *Giveaway*

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Would you believe that until this summer I had never seen a single one of the movies or read any of the books? I finally broke down and decided to see what all the fuss was about, I ended up loving them! I went with my brother and his wife to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 in theaters this summer, and then bought them the entire BluRay set as a “thank you” to them for keeping me over the summer. I’m excited to get to pass along the DVD gifting love as I get to bring you a giveaway for the latest movie that was just released!

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How to succeed financially

As a newly wed living in Washington D.C. I had the unique opportunity of being the admin assistant for a financial adviser. It was a really great job for me as it ground in the keys to being financially successful from the very beginning. Throughout the years I’ve heard, read, and seen these exact same steps my boss ground in to me pressed around-and wanted to share them with you!

Get out of debt. 
Debt is just bad news! Your first focus needs to be to pay off all outstanding “bad” debt that you have-this includes auto loans and definitely credit cards.

Put aside emergency savings. 
Especially in this economy having an emergency fund of 3-6 months living expenses set aside is very important. That way in case the worse does happen you can “borrow from yourself” instead of racking up ridiculous debt (remember–bad stuff)

Invest in Life Insurance
Life insurance is so important! If you are young you can get short term insurance for extremely cheap. An even better idea is to invest in whole life insurance, it’s a little more expensive but will pay off down the road. There are a ton of different companies to choose from so it pays to do your homework and shop around. Many companies like Aptus Insurance will give you a quote so you can get an idea what you’d be looking at.

Invest in Your Future
If you’re like me the stock market and anything investment related can be all very confusing. Thankfully today there are multiple resources and websites online, like Investopedia that can make it all a little less complicated. I would still recommend using someone like a financial adviser to help you decide what good options for investing for your future are. We are still currently working on some of the steps above, but right now I have a IRA that we contribute a little to each month.

Following these four simple steps will put you and your money in good standing and you’ll have all your bases covered!

sew i shoot *Review & Giveaway*

You can see the *adorable* homecoming shirts I had made for the kids in the video above! The fellow Coastie wife who makes them runs the page sew i shoot on Facebook and she makes any kind of embroidered shirt (not just military!) and darling diaper bags, covers, etc! Go check out her page and give her some “liking” love-then be sure to enter below to win a shirt of your choice!

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Home Again!!!!!

As many of you know my hubby has been deployed for the past 7 months, I’m *thrilled* to be able to say that this past week he arrived safely home!!!! Homecoming was absolutely amazing, we decided it would be best if I went and picked him up by myself since he was getting in late at night and we didn’t want his first reuniting with the kids to be when they were exhausted and cranky. I arrived 2 hours early to make sure I wouldn’t miss it, but thankfully made a new friend in one of the reservist’s wives. She was a fellow mom of two and super sweet, we chatted as she chased her kiddos around and that helped to pass the time. When they all started stepping off of the bus I got goosebumps and *almost* started to cry, my MIL reminding me that I’d look like a racoon because of all my eye makeup helped me stop though 😉 It’s pretty amazing when the person you’ve been with for nearly 10 years can still give you the biggest butterflies ever!

Fox News was there covering it 🙂 They got our hug and kiss on tape but it didn’t make the final cut, if you look at 34 seconds in the clip you’ll see me and hubby flirting in the background 😀

Choosing Baby Clothes for Gifts

I’ve always thought that giving baby clothes as gifts for friends is one of the best and safest bets when it comes time for the holidays. I’ve found in my own family that until my kids reach a certain age they are not at all interested in toys, and when they are it is only very specific ones. Clothes might not excite them to unwrap, but I certainly appreciate them much more!

Another great thing about buying baby clothes as gifts is that it is hard to go wrong with them, most of the baby clothes out there are beyond adorable, especially if you’re shopping for baby girls. Going with something like the design on the right and you can’t fail, it’s a simple yet gorgeous pattern, sure to bring oohhs and ahhs and lots of compliments!

This Christmas do the parents you’re buying for a favor and for-go the annoying plastic toy that plays obnoxious music and invest in a high quality gorgeous piece for their baby instead!