Home Again!!!!!

As many of you know my hubby has been deployed for the past 7 months, I’m *thrilled* to be able to say that this past week he arrived safely home!!!! Homecoming was absolutely amazing, we decided it would be best if I went and picked him up by myself since he was getting in late at night and we didn’t want his first reuniting with the kids to be when they were exhausted and cranky. I arrived 2 hours early to make sure I wouldn’t miss it, but thankfully made a new friend in one of the reservist’s wives. She was a fellow mom of two and super sweet, we chatted as she chased her kiddos around and that helped to pass the time. When they all started stepping off of the bus I got goosebumps and *almost* started to cry, my MIL reminding me that I’d look like a racoon because of all my eye makeup helped me stop though 😉 It’s pretty amazing when the person you’ve been with for nearly 10 years can still give you the biggest butterflies ever!

Fox News was there covering it 🙂 They got our hug and kiss on tape but it didn’t make the final cut, if you look at 34 seconds in the clip you’ll see me and hubby flirting in the background 😀

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